What happened to Dizzy Wallin?

Will he make a appearance in gears 5? , he was one of my favorite characters and he was a no show in gears 4. not even a mention from marcus


I hate to say it as I’m a massive Dizzy fan, I think his time has passed campaign-wise.

I’d still like to know what happens with him. Maybe his daughters could make an appearance.


That would funny to have Dizzy but a female version


If Hoffman is still rolling around in his wheelchair I dont see why Dizzy couldnt still be alive. I mean he was a badass after all


I can imagine that southern accent on them, part of the charm.

Haha, yeah. I figured Dizzy’s still alive. Hell, maybe he owns the Hooch bar from Cove (GoW3 map) selling that, well, juicy hooch he talked about fondly.

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In New ephyra,theo r is a COG memorial with statues and names of many gears. America will go here to visit Anyas Statute, this is confirmed. Maybe we will see Dizzy as a statue there.

Marcus = America? I know he’s white but I missed this.

And as to the question regarded in the title. We don’t know. Simple.

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Auto correct is terrible on my old ■■■ tablet…

It’s cool man :wink:

The real question is will they let us shoot off his hat again?

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He will return for GEARS 5 to continue breaking hearts with that beard k? dont worry


I think Dizzy is dead, for some reason, even if he could technically live (Hoffman is still alive as well). I think we’ll much rather get to meet his daughters in Gears 5.

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Where is this confirmed?

Ah c’mon, mods. My reply wasn’t even bad.

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Let’s hope they aren’t Youngblood quality daughters.

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yeah it wasn’t even bad* everyone’s an adult here. not sure why it was deleted

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It can’t get worst then that…

…C-Can it?


He dead

wasn’t dizzy and Tai cut off in gears 2, so assumed dead.