What Happened In The Pendulum Wars? Part #2

Hey Guys! Today Is Episode 2 Of Story And Lore! We Will Be Talking About The Pendulum Wars! So Before I Get Straight In Please Like This Forum Because I’m Stuck In The House Sick So I Would Love Some Support Now Let’s Start! So We Know Dom Santiago And Marcus Fenix They Both Fought In Aspho Fields Now The COG The Coalition of Ordered Governments Where Fighting The UIR Union Of Independent Republics. They Were Fighting For A Liquid Gas Called Imulsion. They Fought 79 YEARS! WOW! Well After The COG Won The Pendulum Wars The UIR Were Long Gone Because There Gorasnaya Ship Was Wiped Out The Only UIR Left Was Garron Paduk. So I Hoped You Guys Enjoyed This Story&Lore And Thank You For All Your Support And Have A Great Day!

I See No Problem With This Typing

Note this was a joke for those some who do not realize

Oh and also I am pretty sure you made this as a big joke but still I wanna say they had UIR left I mean have you seen the end of GOW 3 they bring back the UIR in ahem ¨A REUNION BABY WOO!¨

The UIR were not wiped out. There were plenty of Gorasni after the war. Miran Trescu is the leader of the Gorasni and hes the one talking to Marcus from the boat at the end of Gears 3.

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Alright Alright SORRY They Were Not Wiped Out Fully!

I mean they had quite a good amount left since they kinda surrendered I believe plus GOW 3 and such had a bit of them as the support though never seen as a model etc.

If your gonna post Gears lore at least know it, There were a few thousand Gorasni that landed on Vectas Navel base where the COG lived during Gears 2 and 3

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I can see the problem.

You, I like you, you commented on an old thread.

You have my respects

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By the way, I don’t know how I didn’t notice this before, but it actually burns my eyes now. I kept looking at the post, into the comments, then over and over cause I can’t read what the hell this says!

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