What happened at Control ranked?

Suddenly almost any game is a fair and fun match since a few days.

Additionally something happened overnight bringing me a few thousand ranks up without having played… did they change something? Or did they maybe ban a few thousand cheaters at once? :smiley:

They “cleaned up” the leaderboards

I got moved up also


they implemented SBMM into Comp late last week.

What is SBMM?

Skill Based Matchmaking

it’s basically a ranking system that pairs similar skilled players together so the games are competitive. the one TC uses is hidden from the users.

Ranked is completely ruined.

Okay but they implemented that when Op7 was released, right?

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it wasn’t working until last Thursday so the matchups in Competitive were just random players thrown together until that point.

as players settle into skill tiers the match-ups should get better


Thanks guys.