What happend since gow3

when i played gow4 and 5 i was so upset and let down. when i played gow3 i had the time of my life using some of the most enjoyable weapons and maps. why remove all these weapons such as the scorcher,morter,ink grenades.digger honestly its sad. thing 2. why is there like 10,000 marks and banners like wtf thats the only thing i get when i earn a supply drop. STOP. pls add different guns im bored.

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The last few are an entirely different developer.

Scorcher, Digger, Mortar etc. where probably taken out to focus more on Esports/Competitive gameplay. (They did introduce the GL in 5 though)

Banners/Marks/Emotes are in 5 because, you know… :heavy_dollar_sign::heavy_dollar_sign::heavy_dollar_sign: (And filling up slots in Tour of Duty)

Ink grenades and digger were killed at the end of G3, but even the locust “came back” so I don’t see why they couldn’t

Most enjoyable power weapons when they weren’t being used against you. For example to your OP, scorcher being an almost instant down and pre-nerf ink grenade stun.

Pretty much everything in Gears 3’s multiplayer was unbalanced which made it quite fun, but also really annoying.