What got you playing gears?

As the title suggests I’m just curious what brought the overall audience to the gears of war franchise as it’s always been a different experience Compared to other mp shooters

— Personally I loved the gritty bloody bodying experience gears 1 and 2 showed You with the gore as no shooter really showed it like that back then
— I also love the in your face outplay style of combat versus the point and shoot first games like cod
— The wallbounce I mean I don’t see how anyone can’t be drawn to gears and not love the attraction of wall bouncing it’s probably one of the most unique aspects of the game
—side note if u mention wall bounce specify which games form u prefer …I know I may get hate for this because most prefer 3 but I Grew very fond of and prefer gears 4 bounce (end of gears 4 after tunings) and I’ve played since gears 1
—THE CAMPAIGN :heart_eyes:(mostly the original trilogy) nuff said as imo it was a masterpiece overall emotionally and story wise I felt like I was one with delta squad
Sorry for the long post but I’ve often wondered about small niche population for our game and was curious was drew most of us in


The first trailer with mad world did it for me loved it ever since.


Curiosity… But I only played with Gears of War 4 and Gears of Fortnite 5 because I only have got a PC and Nintendo Switch and some android devices to play.

Touché that first trailer definitely was amazing in every way and just as the game itself it was unique to other trailers at the time …more sentimental while still showcasing the gore and violent aspect along with such a slow song just hadn’t been done right if at all prior


I had a mate that was super keen on it, we both had 360’s and he got the game at launch, we played through the campaign together, and took turns at versus (we both sucked).

I wasn’t a fan initally, but it grew on me quickly.

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Kinda similar experience on my end had a friend who had it in 06 and I was instantly hooked lol
Plus I think we all sucked in the beginning lol

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I read about the game in a magazine.

I was more interested in Army of Two but my friend bought a 360 and Gears of War instead when it finally came out. I played it with him. We played through the whole campaign that first day. I was hooked on the story and overall aesthetic of the world. Dark, bleak world where everyone is a jerk jacked up on vitamin-S and just trying to survive. It was an amalgamation of so many horror and action movie tropes that just worked together so well.

Then I tried playing versus a couple weeks later. I had zero fun and couldn’t figure out why everyone was shotgunning instead of using a lancer. I didn’t touch verses again until I was almost done with Gears3 about 7 years later.

The first time bodied a drone, and told it to “eat shït and die”


Carmine. Gears 2 was the first I ever played. I was 12. I kept asking my friend all these questions he didn’t know the answer to, then Ben Carmine shows up asking the exact same questions and had the same cluelessness I did. I thought, “hey, this guy’s awesome! He’s just like me with cool armor!” Then he died. I was heartbroken but after reading his final letter to Clay I knew I had to keep going, like Saving Private Ryan. Then I figured out Epic (and now TC) doesn’t give two craps about the Carmine clan. So i don’t know, i guess I just stick around for the next new Carmine and horde.

Once I got my new Xbox 360( b4 Gears 2 release)viewed the Microsoft store,downloaded Gears of war videos,didn’t look back


Watching my cousin play the riftworm sequence.

I just thought, “LOOK AT THAT BLOOD”.

I haven’t been the same since.

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Watched a YouTube video. When Raam stabs Kim… I thought… Hmmm, this looks interesting.

At the time I wasn’t that much into games. As a child in 16 and 32-bit era (1990’s) I was heavily into games but as a teenager I got into music. Being young and with limited income I essentially had to choose one or the other and chose music.

At the time I had a friend who was more of a gamer than I was and was getting hyped about the Mad World trailer and showed me. When it came out he came over with a copy of GOW and we played it for a bit. I enjoyed it, but it didn’t blow me away. I had an XB360 but only bought it for Halo 3. I had a couple of other games as well but not much else. I only bought a copy for myself second hand on eBay about 6 months after release. Again, I enjoyed it but never played it online. Any online gaming I did was Halo 3.

It was only from GOW2 onwards that I became more invested in the franchise. Horde mode was the main thing. I’ve always thought online PVP is not for me, so Horde was great because it was co-operative.

Love from the first sight…PC memories!

Played Gears 1 at a friends and was taken in by the gritty feel, destroyed beauty aesthetic, and visceral knuckle-down combat. The detail of the world was incredible for a game of the time. Each thud of the character as you slam into cover, the frame edging in just slightly, was felt through the controller. You felt like a total badass yet strangely vulnerable.

I finally picked up an Xbox when Gears 2 came out and absolutely loved the campaign and Ben Carmine especially. After watching Prescott’s speech sequence to rally the remaining COG for an all out assault on the Locust I was hooked. This is when I started to play online heavily. Got my girlfriend hooked on it and we played split screen with an awesome crew who I ended up playing with for years into G3. I’ve never looked back. Have gotten busy with life but I come back to Gears from time to time such as G4 and G5. Great thread OP!

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Wasn’t a huge fan of shooters or pvp multiplayer. Was working at a Gamestop when Gears 2 released and had no interest in it. One of the guys working there said he’d buy me Gears 1 (used) and play through the campaign with me cause he said it was amazing and it would make me buy Gears 2.

I enjoyed the campaign of Gears 1, it was a great story. Hated the multiplayer and frankly never touched it till years later and it was just to boost achievements.

So I bought Gears 2 on when it released cause I wanted to continue the story, but Horde mode was what really made the game for me, loved it, played it for hundreds of hours, but never touched the pvp side except to boost achievements. So when Gears 3 came out I bought it and again, the story was amazing, horde was improved and a blast, and beast mode ended up becoming my favorite game mode, but again, rarely even touched the pvp side of multiplayer except for achievements.

Then Judgement came out, I didn’t buy this one, to many other games were out at the time and a buddy of mine who did buy hated it and he loved Gears 1-3. Didn’t play the game until it went Games With Gold on Xbox and I got it for free. And I share his opinion, it is the worst Gears game of them all.

Gears 4 came out and I had seen previews, bought and within a month regretted that decision. I felt the story was meh at best and it didn’t make me want to replay it, the microtransactions, what they did to horde (which eventually I got used to, but then they kept nerfing things, making it less fun to play), and the way that TC created achievements that lacked any real creativity that just made the game a more long and boring grind, I got burnt out and walked away from it and had no desire to buy Gears 5.

When Gears 5 came out, I didn’t buy it, if it wasn’t on Game Pass I would have never played it. For me TC took everything good about previous Gears games and tossed it and replaced it with gimmicky things that just made the game an absolute borefest. The constant issues and reworks/nerfs since Day 1 have only made me dislike the game even more, they took my favorite game mode, Horde, and utterly destroyed it. Its become such a grind for anything in this game that it’s just not fun to play anymore. If it wasn’t for a few friends I probably would have uninstalled it after OP1 and never gone back, but because of achievements like BFF I stuck with it along side my friends.

But when/if Gears 6 releases, I won’t buy it. If’ it’s on Game Pass, i’ll download it and play through the campaign on an alt-gamertag, just so I don’t feel the need to go back and complete the achievements in it. Or i’ll watch someone else play through the campaign on Youtube.

Bought Gears when it first came out. Completed the campaign and went back to playing something else.

Weeks or whatever later, was at work and some guy started talking to me about the game. Telling me how good he was etc.

He wanted to play multiplayer, so later that night I went online and he setup a game where he decided it would be funny that he and his friends would play against me. Obviously they beat me and my random team mates, as I had no clue what I was doing really.

A week later he was still talking absolute ■■■■■ about winning and wanted to play again.

So sure enough we did and to his surprise I absolute marmalized them. After that, he never played me again and i actually never saw him on the game again.

Therefore, basically someone challenging me, got me into playing Gears online. However haven’t played Gears properly since Gears 3, as all the ones proceeding that went backwards or in the wrong direction and there are much better games out there to play.

I played the first one I think a year after it came out with my brother because he said it was a coop story game. I didn’t mind it but it was on the computer so then we didn’t play 2 or 3 because they didn’t make 2 and 3 for the computer…

Then I got an Xbox One and one of my guy friends suggested we play 2 to 3 before 4 came out he told me to skip Judgement lol I tried that horde on my own but ya I didn’t like it much. So we played 2/3 and played the horde on those until 4 came out after we finished those stories. I liked 3 a lot more and 4, the horde parts never get very boring.

So basicallly now I play 4 every day almost and 3 sometimes they are very good coop stuff. I am going to play 4 in like 30 min with another friend (Who plays 3 now as well)I told to play it, they seems to like it too now :smiley:

Initially I played it at a friends place, split screen campaign. Did not really like it though because the story did not do it for me. I left it at that until horde came along and got stuck.