What Gears 4,5, and 6 would’ve looked like if Cliff was there

Just look at this really cool rough art from Cliffy B and I was impressed with the designs.

Added some more images I didn’t see before


@Bleeding_Pepper your “favorite” thread! Another one about Cliffy B!


… neither of those are particularly Gears-esque if you ask me. The top one looks more like it belongs into a fantasy RPG, while the bottom is about 80% of the way to a Lovecraftian creature.


Looks really stupid. The Swarm somehow look better.


Not even close

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I bet if TC had similar designs the vets would hate it but since Cliff said this was his direction he wanted to take the vets love it.

Im convinced cliff could sh*t in a toilet and post it online and the vets would worship it.

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That may be true for most who say they want him to return to Gears. But personally, I don’t care who designed it, the Swarm design we have now I think is pretty awful. I do not find them appealing in the slightest.


I agree. The only good design is the warden.


Cliff hate is completely unfounded.


The burnt potatoes we got in 4 are way better

It’s like the hate for Maguire at this point

Dear Lord, let’s all let Cliffy go. He ain’t coming back.


There’s nothing wrong with the artwork in general, but it’s a bit of a random and ridiculous statement to say it’s what Gears 4,5 and 6 would’ve looked like.

Floating Winged Greek Demons? Squidmen?

I beg to differ.


It doesn’t look like Locust at all. These are some RPG game creatures. It’s one of the worst ideas I could imagine.

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But Cliffy B made the tentacle angels so you’re supposed to like it.


Shame Cliffy didn’t offer us winged Brumaks with mermaid tails floating like genies.


The tentacle character looks like a boomer with no lower jaw, and tentacles aren’t even alien to GoW in general. There are lots of characters with way more audacious tentacles than that. The winged creature is literally just a better looking scion with ugly wings. These aren’t that different to what we’ve actually seen in GoW at all.

Here’s some concept art I found of a locust fish — maybe it’s a sky fish.

Cliffy wanting to create what is essentially an aquatic boomer that comes out of the ocean, and designing it in that manner isn’t at all wild or crazy. Not one single person would have batted an eye at it if it were in the game.


Imagine him with wings lmao it’s the same character.


The Leviathan looks a lot like that thing. Pretty sure it is one, even.

But I don’t think a monster with tentacles replacing the lower half of its face like it’s Cthulu offspring while also having half of a crab claw as arms is very fitting nonetheless. The Lambent may have been ugly, but not that kind.

I just don’t think the characters are that far away from what you would come to expect — I also don’t view that has a half a crab claw, I view it as another tentacle. These don’t look at all alien to me — for story purposes you say that the Cthulu monsters are being experimented on, they’re in giant test tubes and they pop out or something idk.

Some people are trying to act like these would be the best thing ever, that they’re super unique and cool — and other people are trying to act like they’re the worst ugliest things they’ve ever seen which wouldn’t at all fit, and neither are the case. If Cliffs concept art was part of the IP acquisition they 100% used it as inspiration for the Scion because it’s the same exact character — and if he created it after the fact, he ripped off TCs design and put wings on Scion.

I just don’t think these designs would be particularly fitting, but well, we all have a right to our own opinions. In any case, I don’t really have much else to add right now.

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