What games are you playing because of corona?

Ori and the will of the wisps.

Gears 3 and 4 ,

Occasionally I play Gears 5 .

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Gears 5. Minecraft. GTA Online.

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My DOOM Eternal Collectors Edition arrived yesterday. I played it for ages, very good imo. Also Games With Gold have a Genie platformer (can’t remember title), my son was playing it and it’s fun too, will definitely get it for myself, but I feel another day of ripping and tearing is in order.

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Dota 2. Although I have decided to leave the game a few weeks ago and already got rid of my items , virus made me to revise that decision, so I’ve started playing it again.:smile: Maybe this is my destiny.

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I got 100% completion of The Last of Us, including all of the multiplayer and Grounded Mode trophies.

I’m currently working my way through Final Fantasy 7. I played the demo of the remake on my PS4 and it was fairly solid. I hope the timed-exclusivity remains just that.

I also have my growing collection of indie games to work through. I’m thinking either Child of Light, Oxenfree, or Children of Morta will be the next game I tackle.

I still need to play Owl Boy

I played that a couple months ago. The gameplay was robust, but the story was really, really good.

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Praise the Sun :open_hands: