What game mode is coming to OP4?

I honestly think that the coalition is going to introduce some type of beast mode overrun type mode, since they’re now focusing more pve. What about you guys?

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Hope so, would get me bk on the game4abit

I’m guessing a significant expansion or amendment to Horde mode.

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No new modes, op4 will be called “New Beginning” and will have 3 mp maps ,6 escape maps, reworked hero system, reworked ranked, 10 new MP characters.


They have confirmed no new modes in op 4

Heh didn’t knew that lol

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You guys are overly optimistic. There will be some vs mode that nobody likes. PvE will just get another “keep waiting” and maybe a few more characters that can’t be used.


While it would be nice to see additional modes added, particularly PVE modes, TC has enough on their plate.

If they separate the hero system from characters and bring a few special events, that will be surprising.

A few new maps that are mostly remakes.

A revamped ranking system that will most likely be a mess.

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That subsequently will have tons of complaints and even more wasted resources poured into it to no result.

Yes, I’m that pessimistic about it but I also am tired of the constant ranked complaints and whatever else there is around it. Given that it seems like TC is mainly focusing on this one thing while everything else is getting the backfoot, I would think they’d be done with that quicker and be able to focus their attention on more important issues.


Agree it does seem PVE suffers as a result of ranked play absorbing the majority of resources.


They should focus on what needs fixing before they start on something new. We all know something new brings on new problems, so it makes sense to fix what is fixable, before they need to fix something else they just released.
Most people seem to thing OP4 will be PvE driven, i am hoping for that too. But still, fix what they can first.

Just bring me back full horde mode for 1-2 players,I’m sick of killing only drones!

New achievements which will include REUP 15x without using boost and REUP 50…

Hope it’s the new PVE (horde characters)Maybe my character (Tai Kaliso)No disrespect to op/ members, (TC)PVE has not been on there list since Xmas when we had just jingle juvies/Frenzy which wasn’t new,just stating that PVP has had a few events over PVE And a dreadful pvp on versus aswell as RANKED

I’d say this:

  • Character locks removed in both pve modes.
  • Remove the point system along leaderboards and replace it with a W/L system. (OP 5 if possible)
  • Bring few maps (Old/new) for both PvP & PvE.
  • Add new hive Set for the OP4 challenge hives.
  • Add some Characters to PvE, Including DeeBee & Carmines. (Might be OP 5 instead)
  • Add new characters and skins.
  • Leave a small gift of allowing all locked skins to be viewable. (including Hive, Gold, Tours & Esports skins.)

I didn’t know that but I’m okay with it. I want to see the PvE content.


I think this is very unlikely to happen in Op 4. Especially when they were also working on more balancing changes after Op 3s launch which I think may be in at Op 4s launch.

On that note, I just want Reup XP changes and better rewards, but I’m not expecting them.

I’d want XP changes as i feel like getting 1000XP for every level is boring.

Like give us Gears 3 levels or even Gears 4 levels to increase that XP based on how well we do and make Player Vs. AI get locked once the player does good enough to be in the other modes to prevent XP farming.

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I know it was heavily implied in the dev stream, but I didn’t know it was confirmed.

Also, there’s NEW and there’s new maps. Maps we have never seen before, and maps that we haven’t seen since Gears 1-3. I would assume because the most difficult part of making new maps is testing how they play, maps that already have a great foundation can be implemented much more easily.

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Operation 4: We’re Sorry