What exactly is critical damage?

I’ve tried googling it but there were different answers to the question on different pages.

Can someone explain to me exactly what critical damage is?

Is it randomly shots hit for more damage, or is it specific places being shot, like head shots or weak points? Or maybe something else altogether.

Thanks for your time.

Its not like a JRPG where theres a stat that is critical hit chance on hit. In Gears, its just weak point damage. So Headshots on drones, the underbelly on Snatchers and Pouncers, the Carriers Chest, the Kestrels side engines. Things like that.


Headshots with active reload are considered critical hits.

Any headshot is.

Yes, but only Active rounds will allow for the “true” gold critical hit marker, dealing maximum damage. A lot of weapons also receive a serious damage boost from active rounds.

Normal critical hits show a red hit marker and, in terms of damage, obviously pale in comparison to the aforementioned marker.

Get that active, don’t be lazy!

But some weapons get a larger critical boost when active.
These are:

  • Longshot (Horde is 2x without active, 4x with)(Escape is 3x without, 5x with)
  • Boltok (2x without, 2.5x with)
  • EMBAR (Escape only)(2x without, 3x with)
  • Markza (3x without, 3.5x with)

I played the game for three years. I know that TCs idiotically bad game design has made it so that you basically need an active reload for some weapons to not be completely worthless. I just thought it was worth pointing out a “critical hit” does not require an active reload.


Now, now. No need to get so defensive and in denial about not knowing of an Active Reload’s perks. We’re all friends here, and this new forumite won’t mind if you haven’t impressed him.

Personally I find it pretty shameful but to each their own. “You learn something new every day.”
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It’s just to differentiate some card descriptors. Some cards refer to critical damage; while others refer to active effects.

Where the hell have you been?! Some hero you are.

Also one thing about critical hits / damage is if you turn on the damage numbers in PvE, you’ll have damage numbers show up in 3 colors.

White = non-active, non-critical hit
Red = non-active, critical hit
Yellow = active & critical hit

Just another way to tell what’s what.


Groin shot is a critical damage. :crazy_face:

We wish lol


Usually Headshots.