What exactly is a "toxic" Gears player?

I ask because a few days ago…I got called one.
Situation: Masters/All fathers roughly 2 am… 3 of us are taking the tap…I had downed an elite drone. A newbie (level 2 combat medic) comes along…sees us taking the tap …sees the downed drone…then just kills him before we get the tap. I say “hey bro we were trying to get the tap next time wait”.

Someone else …the fifth guy says “well maybe he didn’t know…see thats the reason people don’t play this game you stupid toxic gamers”

We argue about this but the guy I said it to never says a word.

So my question I guess is…should we as a community just not say anything to new players about mistakes/errors or is it ok to correct younger players? I read the other day that the Gears 5 community is relatively small and reason maybe due to us…lol…or me…lol.

What exactly is a toxic gamer?

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NGL to you Every gears player is Toxic.

Either they dont want hear a teammate give them some direction like “hey let go to the hill” and they say “■■■■ youre at the bottom”

Or they players randomly do things they either dk or know that would make any player toxic like

Going afk or quitting mid game “team trash”

These days, I don’t know anymore. Sometimes you try to help people and you get an unfavourable response back for doing it.

That scenario you’ve just posted was stupid. You came across in a helpful manner and you get a bad response because of trying to help someone get better.

I can’t even understand the other person’s view.


That’s hardly toxic.

I don’t care much but in one of my last horde frenzies, on Mercy it was I guess.
We wiped on the last wave, couldn’t tell who’s fault it was, if anyones.
The host went on a tirade calling everyone male and female body parts and other stuff.
Now I expect that was a kid in high school with a temper tantrum but I guess that would qualify as “toxic” ?

But eh I just loled, insecurities suck I know it.
People are just snowflakes these days.


Also me wasted and in a bad mood, now that is toxic :stuck_out_tongue:

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Toxic this Word seems “Extremely Sensitive” in Gears Community, but it’s generally used in other popular Games. It may mean to the Real meaning of “Toxic”, but it’s kind of Joke to laugh at people calling themselves “Toxic”

Depends on your thought, I’m fine at all.

They prefer saying the F Word rather than “Toxic”…it’s hilarious at all.

When people are so much stressful in playing Gears 5, this Game is no longer being Grow Up by the General Base Players.

They’re too serious in playing Gears 5 no matter it’s PvP or PvE, showing their Low EQ when the Fact that you’re facing those Newbies / Randoms you already knew this fact, but you choose to Blame it.

Fact :heavy_check_mark::Old Players:Newbies = Trash / ■■■■ = 0 Opportunity is given to Try

“What’s wrong with those Old players ?”

Speak for yourself, lad.


Asking this on a forum where 50% of the posts are different ways of whining about ‘randoms’ (a subsection of which has become noticeably elitist (ie poopy) in attitude), 45% of the posts are ‘TC sucks because of X / Y / Z’, 4% of the posts are genuinely helpful / useful / insightful, and 1% of the posts are lighthearted tomfoolery…

Uh…where was I…?

Umm…you certainly don’t come across as toxic in the situation you relate. Could have added ‘please’ I suppose.


A toxic Gear player is someone who can’t accept a loss so they blame their teammates and opponents. Most of the time using aggressive language when it really isn’t needed. Also spamming someone with messages on XBL or in-game isn’t the solution.

Correcting someone’s behaviour in a helpful manner is fine but if they aren’t responding or listening then just take the L and move on.

Edit: You can also kick players if it is your lobby or leave yourself if you think it is detrimental to team success as an example you have tried an act of a hive multiple times with a teammate who continues to do something which isn’t working.

In response to OP - you were not toxic at all.

In fact, if players don’t understand the importance of getting taps before wave ends, they shouldn’t play on Master. ( I’m assuming you played on Master or Incon).

As for toxic players in general - imho toxic players are players who suck out all the joy during the game either by whining/ complaining/ cussing / doing stupid stuff / deliberately sabotaging the success of the game / Brawlers/ noobs who are new the game and think they just can start at the highest difficulty / people who don’t listen / people who don’t read mods .


I can’t relate to PvE toxicity because I refuse to play without friends. But, given this situation, you weren’t toxic at all. It’s like calling a high school teacher toxic for correcting a student’s mistake.

It is what it is man. This guy just sounds like he was having a bad day, and took it out on you.

Don’t stop teaching!

Talking of not reading mods, people trying to snuggle up with me when there is shock rifle drones.
Now that is toxic and baseline assault ;O


I ran into a “toxic” player yesterday doing rail line frenzy on inconceivable. I was mechanic and I built barriers for a base and at all entry ways. Two level 4 weapons lockers and two shock sentries, and at wave 12 two decoys. Everything went smoothly, then on wave 12 with 5 enemies left, I get kicked.

No one did anything out of the ordinary. No one wasn’t revived when downed, taps were easily maintained, there weren’t any team chats. I don’t think I did anything wrong but who knows. OP did nothing wrong.

That’s not toxic. At least you’re letting him know what he did wrong. Then, next time he does it there will be no excuse so that will warrant a kick. Toxic would be kicking him as soon as he slipped up without saying anything so he never learns.

Odds are their chat was disabled and they never saw your message in the first place. As a result, they would have no way of knowing that there was a strategy behind what you were doing and will continue to do it in the future. The chat is disabled so people don’t say mean things? Which it really shouldn’t be bc most people are reasonable, or even nice. People being tools can be easily ignored.

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Toxic GOW players? That’ll be me, you and everyone in between. :wink:

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Yeah, was a great idea to default disable chat wasn’t it ?

Snowflakes, snowflakes everywhere.


Its totally ok to correct someone or give them a helpful pointer or tip. Especially in Horde where you have to be super team oriented to win. I do it myself. Although I can certainly admit I haven’t always been the nicest about it.

I guess a toxic player would be someone you don’t want to play with , even if they’re good. Because they are annoying or they belittle people or make you feel slimy playing with them.

But a random moment of frustration, saying “team trash” or "you guys suck ", I wouldn’t really call toxic.

"But a random moment of frustration, saying “team trash” or "you guys suck “, I wouldn’t really call toxic.”

I wouldn’t either, usually it’s a moment of frustration.
But if someone always blames others it’s a definitive sign of lacking self reflection and that rabbit hole goes deep lol
“Normal” people usually ask first “What did I do wrong” before blaming others.

They behave the Same in other Games, not just Gears only.