What does your 3x3 look like?☺


If you don’t know what is meant by this, it’s just a 3x3 collage of your all-time favourite games- those games that had the biggest impact on your life and which you have the fondest memories of.

Just thought it would be nice to see all the different tastes in video games the Gears Forum members have haha…

If you’re interested, I used this website to create mine.



None of the following is in chronological order, for the most part. Just stream of consciousness.

3x3 doesn’t quite cut it, hah. I spent way too much money on all the Street Fighters that made it to the arcades until 2000 or so. Doom 1 and 2 were some of the earliest PC games along with WC that actually got me into learning PC building back then.

Had about a 3 year run with a guild on EQ, then a year of Anarchy Online, a year of Dark Age of Camelot, then EnB for about 6 months before EA shuttered it. Then jumped to Eve Online. Hooked back up with the guild when they all moved to WoW when it launched. I spent a while with them.

My dad showed me the first standard Flight Simulator and it bored me to tears, so grabbed Combat Flight Sim, and jumped to CFS 2 and 3 when they came out. They got better every year but then 9/11 happened and well… CFS is the reason I play everything with Inverted Y Axis, btw.

My childhood best friend was a huge FF7 fan and I just couldn’t understand it. I grabbed FF Tactics and but equal if not more time than he did into it. Maybe there’s something wrong with me, but FFT just seemed like more fun, heh.

We had played SoulCalibur also, went back and played through Soul Edge, and then when each next SoulCalibur sequel came out played the crap out of them. We always learned each character, and all the moves. Were we OCD? We also did that for Battle Arena Toshinden before SC…

Freelancer is on there and I can’t actually recall how many times I’ve played through it, because each new PC build I’d get it installed and played through. Funny thing, is StarLancer, it’s prequel, I never finished.

Anyhow, in the interest of fondest games, there you have it.



Sigma list.

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My list was in no particular order, there are some other games that didnt make the list but I tried to pick games that had a profound effect on my life.

Gears of war 2 was not my first gears “technically” but that game is what started my love for the franchise in the first place. Playing split screen with my childhood friend while killing locust is just something I cherish very much.

Halo 2 was my first introduction into shooter games, I dont have much to say about 2 because It was a brief time when I played it. But it deserves a spot on my list because it’s what started it all.

Halo 3 ODST is personally my favorite halo story, i love everything about the game. I have a great memory of my mom coming home late after work and pulling out a copy of the game from her purse, I popped it in immediately and got to work :joy:

Destroy all Humans! Is such a fun game for me, its mindless, Pox is literally voiced by the person who voiced Zim in Invader Zim, Cryptos a great main character(s), and I just love the setting, good old 1950s America where they blame Communist Russia for just about anything Crypto does :rofl:. that game was a staple back when I used to play on my uncles PS2.

Dying Light was one of those games that I would stay up all night playing, I love zombie games and movies, and for me Dying Light just gave me what I liked, some of the characters are pretty forgettable but the action and environment is so good imo.

Fallout 4 was a Christmas gift for me, I had never played a fallout game prior to that so I didnt really know what I was expecting lol. However, after playing I just fell in love with the franchise, its definitely my favorite open world series, I get so invested in the world around the Sole Survivor/Courier/Lone Wanderer. I one day hope to get the chance to play fallout 1 and 2 as I’ve heard incredible things about them.

Grand Theft Auto 5 (Online) introduced me to people who are going to be lifelong friends, I had a rough year at school and gta online was how I spent my free time, I would drive around LS picking people up so we could do things, I managed to run into some nice guy who wanted to tag along with me, he invited me to his party where he introduced me to his other friend. We’ve been friends for 5+ years now and we are all really close.

Batman Arkham City is one another game I spent plenty of nights staying up on lol. However, I didnt own it, my friend did. So I would go sleepover at his house and that was what we usually played, I’m not even a batman fan either but I just really think those games are some of the best superhero videogames to ever exist. One thing that Arkham City doesnt have is Arkham Asylum Harley Quinn. Ifykyk :smirk:

Call of Duty was introduced to me by my dad who gave me a copy of MW2, me and him were already playing cod together because of MW2 but Black Ops was something special. We spent plenty of hours grinding out Domination (I was a TDM only player at that time but we usually ran that or ground war lol). Its my favorite cod hands down. The maps, the weapons, the era, the zombies, all timeless. The black ops series in general is superior to the MW series, (someone had to say it and I’m gonna be the one to say it :sunglasses:).

So those are my reasons for my games.


First off, I love this Idea. Brings me back some good times.

Most of those games, meant so much to me because I was able to play them without having to worry about responsibilities and could fully enjoy them. I made lifetime friends playing these games and will always love them above most.

My favorite memory from each game Ill try and some up as much as I can.

Gears of War: I remember this being the first next gen (360) game I played and thought the graphics were insane. I loved the lance and rememebr playing through the campaign with my younger cousin and just being terrified of the first Berserker encounter and just yelling “RUN!!!”.

Halo 3: Honestly the most incredieble game to this day for me. Being able to play with anyone and everyone cause it was the game to have back then. Whether it was custom or ranked I loved every moment of it. This was the game I met most of my online friends and still play with them to this day 14 years later.

Dota 2: Wasn’t my favorite time by any means but for a solid 3 years this was all me and friends did. We would get home from work or school and play this all night and both days on the weekends. Good times but probably the most me and my friend group argued with each other hands down.

Dead Rising: I love zombie games and this was sort of the introduction to that. I remember going for the achievement “14 Day Survivor” (the second time), and i was about 10 hours in and my roommate wanted to cook some food in the microwave and caused our apartment to lose power. I was PISSED!

Minecraft: Not much to this one, just the sheer amount to do and how Im able to go back and play it to this day reserves its spot on here.

Borderlands: Super fun times with my friends and just trading guns and farming Crawmerax over and over. Also the sheer amount of new games Ive started with all characters and still be able to have fun is why its on the list.

Morrowind: Self explanatory with this one if you have played any Elder Scrolls game. This was one of my first open world games and I just got sucked into it and doing everything I could besides the quests. I remember getting the scrolls to jump over the map from the guy that fell from the sky and just loved messing around with that.

Pokemon Ruby: Being able to play anywhere back then was just so awesome and was glued to my game boy most of the time. When I first got the game I remember the car ride home and not having my Gameboy with me cause my dad surprised me by buying it when we went to Walmart. When we were on our way home, we got pulled over and me being naive, was upset cause that was more time for me not playing the game. I remember reading thta manual front to back.

Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time: I remember borrowing the guidebook from my best friend and just playing it at my house or his house all the time reading that thing over trying to complete everything. Taking hour turns back and fourth with my friend and having so much fun.

Thank you for bringing me down memory lane. Was nice :slight_smile:


:hushed: Forgot to post this,but…thank you all for posting and sharing your stories, it was very lovely to read through your posts. :smile_cat:

Awesome :sunglasses:





I dont even think there’s 9 games I like.

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How about a 3x3 of the games you hate the most?