What does this symbol mean?

I often see an icon / symbol in the bottom right corner that looks like a bunch of overlapping squares with a lightning bolt going through them. What is this?
Sorry no screen shot

It means packet loss or disconnection. Packet loss occurs when one or more packets of data travelling across a computer network fail to reach their destination. Packet loss is either caused by errors in data transmission, typically across wireless networks, or network congestion.

Actually it looks like sometimes there is a lightning bolt and sometimes there’s not.
I am on a hardwired connection. I have 200mbps internet service. My ping to Gears server is around 20ms.
I don’t understand why I see this symbol so much.
I wonder if it’s related to the choppy motion and inconsistent damage I observe during gameplay


The simple answer is usually TC servers are sht. I also have good connection but I get it all the time. Every other game I play is just fine.


OK thanks. As long as I know it’s their servers I won’t waste my time messing around with stuff on my end

It means the coalition need more money from you or they are going to disconnect you. 1500 iron should keep you ticking over…until next time


Hehe sounds like protection money. Pay us or get disconnected. Kinda sounds like what my uncle would of done. Lighting bolt means your about to lose connection, WiFi icon means lag or extreme lag detection has been detected.

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it seems there are 3 icons

  • overlapping squares
  • overlapping squares with lightning
  • wifi

I recall reading an official explanation of the Wi-Fi symbol saying it means network problems. This symbol can appear if you are on a hardwired connection (it’s not specific to Wi-Fi connections.)

I vaguely recall reading that the overlapping squares icon has to do with dropped frames. Not sure if this refers to frames in the network sense of the word or in the computer graphics sense.

I have the overlapping squares with every game I play. At first I thought it was my connection, bit then noticed them on my mates game when I was over at theirs. All different ISP’s, all wired, so that kinda rules out connection issue my end.
I’ve tried wireless too and still have the overlapping squares

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I’m concerned it’s my Xbox not being able to keep up processing-wise. I have plain XBox One, not Xbox One S. The game does get choppy or go into slowmo speed pretty often, especially during KoTH. Usually when I see these symbols it’s when the hit detection seems totally broken from my point of view

I have a wired connection, no other connection issues being experienced with Gears 4 or other devices and such, but am seeing all three of these icons with regularity. I spent a few weeks playing the campaign and such, but it’s not gotten any better. I had my internet service checked out, but I am consistently getting 14 down and 1 up everytime I check it. I’m thinking this is an issue with the Gears servers and they’ve not yet figured it out.