What does the word "Competitive" mean to TC?

Apparently it’s pairing me against the guy who whooped the entire lobby’s ■■■ 5 times in a row when I need 1 FFA win for a TOD challenge. On a more serious note have they ever officially stated that skill based matchmaking actually exists? I’m genuinely sure that it doesn’t. If it does then how badly do I need to lose to get paired with people on my level. As I was writing this post I just got paired with the guy again so I can’t wait to get a free L again. 6 times. Do I need to try another day? Another hour? When do the awful people get on?


Yes, I think they have.

Back out to the main menu and wait a min or 2, thats what I usually do if im losing alot.


Believe it or not, I have the best of luck on Sunday mornings(EST). All of the sweats must be at church at that time


Lmfaoooooo they be at mercy 1v1s. Honestly I need a prayer to get paired against someone who sucks worse than me. I had 1 lobby where it was close and all other lobbies are just the previous winners and new people who beat the guy who kept winning before hand. Like yeah all those losses im taking show I need to be paired with even better players

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Yeah, it’s really frustrating. Since OP 7 started, there have been hardly any even matchups. It’s either stomp or get stomped. This is at least the case in TDM.

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I managed to do a little tour de competitive and yeah it’s really dead since it’s near the end of the OP. I’m definitely getting these challenges out of the way asap for OP 8.

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This likely due to there not being many players so it is forced to make it so you get matched with people that you probably shouldn’t be.


Honestly I’d wait an hour watching youtube or whatever just to get a balanced match so I get my medal and go.

Yeah for sure. I try to keep that in mind, but I still get frustrated lol

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If you know a bunch of people that are willing to help, you could all search at the same time and hope you guys get in a game together.

I remember doing that with @GhostofDelta2 in 2v2 Gnashers and even attempting to in FFA once (didn’t work that time though.)

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I did gnashers today and it wasn’t too bad. It’s like 50/50 . Like I rolled my first match 7 rounds 11 kills 1 assist and then they paired me against people wayyyyy better and I got 0-7’d twice and a teammate who went afk lol. But yeah 15 rounds is fine it’s just FFA. Also despite everything I don’t wanna have my mates feed as that’s probably TOS and I don’t think there are people who suck that didn’t do it as soon as the possibly could.

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Not like they care about gears anymore


Just got rolled on FFA then waited 50 MINUTES for a new lobby and when I finally got a match it was against the winners of previous match. I genuinely thought they made me wait 50 minutes because they were finding a GOOD match ■■■■ this ■■■■ man just add a “only match with people who have a similar skill rating” option please for the love of God.

Edit: Yeah pretty sure I just gotta accept the fact that im never winning an FFA ever. This game is dead as ■■■■ so they “have to” put me into matches with the winners of previous games. Like for the majority of my last game I was like 6 and 20 but yeah this is as balanced as it gets.

Since the launch of Operation 7, Custom Versus matches count for Tour of Duty.
So you can host an FFA against bots and that’s an easy win.

I tried that but it says “Competitive Versus FFA” so it doesnt work

Edit: It’s the challenge on “top of the food chain” for OP 7

They use TrueSkill2 for Gears 5. They use the same in Halo too.

There are many parameters in play. I don’t believe TrueSkill2 is that broken.

Maybe the player who won got paired in another lobby after that, and lost terribly in that lobby, TrueSkill2 decided that guy wasn’t good for that lobby and hence paired that guy back in your lobby.

I think @GhostofDelta2 shared a research paper on TrueSkill2 sometime previously on the forums. He could provide a link to that paper if you are interested in reading it.

Keep trying, don’t give up!

I don’t think it’s possible when I get paired against 4.5 KD people who wipe the floor with everyone
Edit: I’m just switching between “lower ping” and “fast” to avoid these people now
Edit2: Btw the time inbetween matches was so small that these guys can’t have played a whole match and lost in that time frame. It’s just that so few people play comp
Edit3: Btw it says i’ve got 27 rounds played and I lost 26 of them. But afaik 1st place is only what counts for the challenge

The other thing is how acceptable the skill differences are, and whether they are solely calculated for one player or the sum of their teams (latter wouldn’t apply to FFA).

I imagine the OP’s frustration is due to such a low playerbase that matches simply wont be found that would able acceptable skillwise,

Its frustrating but near the end of an operation and near end of life support for a niche game I wouldn’t be shocked if generally only the die hard pvp players make up most of the FFA pool


It must have been patched because it was possible, in error, to unlock that in private online at the start of the Operation.

The only comp related medal I have haha.

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Yeah basically. I mean if you’re good at the game it’s only gonna benefit you that the game keeps matching you with people with lower skill whereas for me it’s always matching upwards in skill so I get rolled.

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