What does TC have to do?

Likely was the prior TC forums :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’d forgotten about that contest! It was around the time when I went up against Parasidian in a trivia contest on a livestream, and lost by one question (the full name of Dom’s daughter). I won a Black Tusk glass mug for beer, and my sister stole it a few years ago.

Definitely gonna go rewatch your montage, I remember it was fun.

And I think BChaps is sick of me talking about doing a video essay but never actually making it. But I was just recently gifted a Yeti mic from Croswynd (remember that dude?).

You know, if TC can bring back lots of old fans who’ve been busy with life and kids and tragedies… Lots of people could benefit from reconnecting with old acquaintances like this.


I recall the shortage of NEW maps at G4 launch. I love the old maps brought back, but it should definitely be more new maps than old. Also - it felt cheap when the “ported” old maps. Of course, it takes of ton of dev work to bring old maps over, maybe they even make them from scratch. But to a casual fan, the old maps were taking up slots of the X amount they said would be in the game. I recall them saying something like…don’t worry guys, we’ll have 30 maps. So each time an older map came back, it meant a net new map was off the table.

I agree on the G5 maps you mention. Nexus being a 10/10 map, same for Tomb. Ephyra is awesome as a FFA player. However the crappier, or more dull maps, got most of the rotation in the beginning, training grounds for example.

you got a GOW lore question wrong?! shame on you! haha

warning, if you watch those old montages, you WILL want to play again, but hey, fair warning!

I will most definitely checkout the next gears game, I played way more of G4 than G5, but my playtime is probably well over 2 months worth in Pub G in the past 2 years. Maybe I’m just…“old”. Pub G on the console feels just right to me. It’s “slower” - the gun play is fantastic, and the kills are somewhat satisfying. The stakes are always high as well.

The “punch” of a gib/shred in Gears 4 and 5 was…ever so different.

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GOW4 wasn’t all that different at launch. We had 10 maps in total with only one as a remake (Gridlock) and the other 9 were brand new. I believe GOW2 and GOW3 each had about 10 maps at launch too, with new ones coming later as DLC. In GOW4 we then had 2 maps per month for a 12 month period, so 24 extras, making 34 in total by the very end, but alot of the post-launch DLC maps were remakes.

GOW5 on the other hand, featured only 7 brand new maps at launch which for me was pretty disappointing; and 5 remakes from GOW4 which were basically carbon copies and didn’t even have a change in aesthetics.

After a few months TC did take onboard the feedback and focused on new maps, but as it took time from initial designs and concept art to completion, we obviously didn’t see many of these until around Operation 5 onwards. Prior to then we’d get two maps per Operation (so every 3-4 months depending on delays) with one being brand new; and one being a remake. GOW5 was definitely poor at launch in my opinion, but got much better by the end of TC’s active work on it. This shouldn’t be the norm by the way (just to be clear where I stand). GOW6 needs to be in a much better and more complete state at launch. Sure there will be post-launch material being released gradually over time, but GOW5 was such a mess at launch and remained so over many months.

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Actually if I recall correctly, GOW4 let you play maps you didn’t own in matchmaking. Owning maps only applied to private lobbies.

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Correct. You had to purchase them individually or through the season pass(which also gave access to a one week period where you could play them with an XP bonus in all modes prior to general release, iirc).

To be exact…it was to host private lobbies on those maps. You could still be invited without owning them.