What does TC have to do?

I would disagree. Of course subjectivity but with the exclusion of Gears 5 I’ve always enjoyed the world of Gears. It’s the small things. Personally… I find Elder Scrolls to be uninspired and boring.

I don’t think having 40 years of inconsistent books and a half-■■■■■ Paramount+ series counts as interesting lore.


Halo is not 40 years old lol, its 21-22 years old. The piss poor show does not impact the lore, just like Halo Legends didn’t. They definitely didn’t do it justice though.

Well in terms of a simple and easy to understand plot and story it works, but its pretty shallow compared to a lot of games. Its basically at a CoD/Battlefield level, has great moments but in terms of what’s happening overall its kinda just meh.

One idea I had a while back was that they could just move on from the main story and instead just give us a story MonsterHunteresque where your a group of spec ops or whatever hunting and finding certain creatures, the reason I like this idea is because I think they do a phenomenal job at making monsters for us to shoot, and again it would go back to PvE and it would be easy to add onto it via DLC later down the line. 343i should just stick to their strengths and cut out the weaknesses, stop giving us drama and suspense and instead just go for crazy and epic type storytelling. Great writers know when they’re writing themselves into a hole, TC should just put the focus on something awesome going on in Sera but maybe give us an idea of what’s going on with the Delta bros at moments in the Campaign.

The plot of Skyrim is “Big bad guy is going to destroy the world, and only you can stop him!” let me think for a bit, I don’t know who else has done that.

Star Wars and Halo, but I thought 40 years would give away SW I guess.

In the games themselves I might agree, but the comics and books go a long way. And I’d say it’s exactly the same in Halo. I wouldn’t know a damn thing after playing Halo 2, 3 and Reach if it weren’t for my Halo buddy feeding me the trivia as we played. I think in-game Gears does a great job with relationships between characters. That’s why people are affected by Dom’s death.

Smaller stories would help and I’ve said myself that I want TC to make something that isn’t Gears so they don’t have to contain themselves. Just two things…

  1. The writer for Gears 4/5 is not very good, that’s just obvious, compared to previous titles. Says a lot that he also worked on Judgement, the game known for kicking Gears’ lore into the gutter.
  2. If you think the world of Gears is shallow then you just aren’t looking in the right places. Like I said with Halo if all you do is play the games then yea you might think that, but it’s a damn video game, I wouldn’t really impose any high standards on others. But the world has the potential to be very rich as some smaller stories have shown, they just need to take advantage of it.

yes a generally uninteresting central plot, but did you forget Oblivion? The Elder Scrolls game before Skyrim? That game didn’t have the same plotline. Also the main story is not the only thing that matters, tons of sidequests and other things going on in Skyrim that was plenty interesting.

One could argue that the main story of Survival of Humanity vs Swarm and the weird Kait/Reyna storyline pretty much saps whatever kinds of interesting stories they wanna tell completely. 343i (Halo devs) made some extremely stupid decisions regarding Halo 5’s story, what did they do? They pretty much disregarded like 90% of it and went with a more simple and self contained story with Halo Infinite. They can do the exact same thing with Gears. I don’t wanna hear about the soap opera of the Diaz’s or the Fenix’s, what I want is something different completely lol.

Hivebusters kind of gave a good template: your a group sent out to hunt down a specific component or monster, then you go to a new locale and learn about the main characters and the inhabitants more, then you go to face the big bad monster (Waka flacka or whatever it was called) and move on to something else. Again, the series probably should go the Monster Hunter direction man, all this boring melodrama and family dynasty crap and not enough exploration and world building.

I feel like that is an extremely superficial view to take of the characters. If that’s all there was to each one of them, why would people be interested in the variety of them that we have to this date?

I’m not trying to say Gears is top of the line storytelling, but if it was all about family drama for the characters, I doubt anyone would really care.

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Elder Scrolls has some of the deepest and most intricate lore I’ve ever encountered — I think it’s all dumb but it’s there.

I’m sure as hell not

I don’t care.

I won’t speak for everybody, but man is the main Gears storyline uninteresting. I felt more for Jack dying then I did JD/Del… Its just a bunch of mostly uninteresting and unlikeable characters wrapped up in a really big story that probably isn’t even where the story should be.

You would agree with my point that the story should be more self contained though right? So instead of their being a huge massive scale battle that determines the future of humanity it would just be missions to go here or there?

Again, I think they’ve found a good model. It was called Hivebusters. Lets go with the working model not the one that isn’t I say.

Controversial, but I agree. At best GOW has always been average in terms of story-telling. It doesn’t mean that I don’t enjoy it and I’m still looking forward to finding out what happens in the next game. But I agree, GOW has never been particularly sophisticated as far as the story and lore is concerned and many of the characters are just caricatures of standard action-molds.

But then again, GOW being such an online orientated franchise, the campaign mostly takes a backseat nowadays. People play it once or twice and then they jump into either of the PVE and PVP modes and stick with that for the rest of their time on the game. Lots of games are like this nowadays. I don’t expect a massive amount from the story in GOW6. If it’s functional then that’s okay (in my book).

The Coalition can’t make everyone happy. That wasn’t possible for Epic, and it’s certainly not possible now. Even just trying to make a majority of players happy is a Catch-22.

I’d love a COG vs UIR campaign, but that would piss off people who want humans vs monsters. And the monsters are a major draw for Gears. Plus, people would be upset if favorite characters don’t appear.

A UIR vs Locust campaign could really work, but that’s still abandoning the fan favorite characters. It’s also abandoning the main story in Sera’s present day.

Continuing the main story in Sera’s present day will keep other demographics upset. But there are plenty of people who love the new characters and OG Delta (but that’s not where the vocal forum fans come from).

The most successful strategy would be to just make a damn good Gears game, wrap up the current main story, and add Pendulum Wars/E-Day DLC. Then remaster Gears 2 and 3 with Ultimate Editions, but dodge the problems that wracked the Master Chief Collection. That’s the only way to bring back a bunch of old players, but also keep the new fans, and attract more new fans. And it’ll still result in chest-beating and outrage from at least one demographic or other.

“You can’t please 'em all.”


Lore isn’t just the campaigns. It’s comics, books, etc.

Most people (including some posting here) haven’t begun to touch the surface.

I would agree if basing solely off campaigns. With all the outside material, Gears compares favorably.

Switching story writers and ideas doesn’t help, but Gears is a pretty intricate and interesting story. Too much white space maybe, but nothing that can’t be corrected.


Hand the franchise to another developer,

One that understands the Gears ethos properly, and listens / supports the players

its as simple as that :slight_smile:

As someone who’s been here since the beginning (also the beginning of the forums), I think they need to really simplify multiplayer a bit - and go all out for campaign/extra modes. The whole coins debacle and how much they were worth - was really just a slap in the face to the players. Granted, if you don’t want extra stuff in game, don’t pay for it - but I remember a ton of people being really pissed at the RNG and conversion rates.

I hopped on today to play some FFA, and I love it, the maps are great for it - but team wise - it has gotten to the point where you lose a player - and all hope is lost.

I would much much prefer the Gears 2 - or Gears 1/UE style of play. Gears 4 and 5 have similar movement, and I think most think Gears 4 ended up figuring it out, but I prefer the Gears 2 movement/meta over any of the other titles in the series. I will say - it’s worth mentioning that The Coalition really gave the pro circuit a run, a couple years and some decent prize pools was really nice to see. I think it could be even better in the future, if it just tones down the movement ever so slightly, and emphasizes more on smoother movement. Sometimes incredibly fast, is not always better.

As for the whole microtransactions takeover in shooters and games now - I would much prefer if they paid their level designers more and we had double the amount of maps and we paid for them. I’ve always thought the gears series as a whole had better maps than most - if not all other shooters. I would gladly pay for map packs - and also the ability to exclusively play map pack specific playlists. So you know, I could play what I paid for.

I think the problem with map packs and maps as microtransactions is that it divides the playerbase - those who buy and own the maps; and those who do not. GOW4 enabled people to play on maps they didn’t own if they joined the lobby of someone else who did, but it still creates a divide in the playerbase.

In terms of maps, from a Horde perspective we have more maps to play than in GOW4. GOW5 has the largest roster of maps. Sure, PVP is a different matter and some maps being specific to certain modes (like FFA as you mentioned; and I won’t count 2vs2 cos they’re mostly cordoned off sections of existing maps, except for Boxes).

I think with GOW4, the problem was that post-launch we had mostly remakes of old maps. We only had about 4 (?) brand new designs or something. I know it’s safe to go for older maps and fans love old classics, but I don’t want TC to stop trying to create great brand new maps. It may seem like a gamble cos we may end up with a bad one, but I don’t want them to stop trying.

I think GOW5 doesn’t get enough credit for the brand new map designs. Most of them are really good with the exception being Pahanu which is basically dog poo. But Nexus, Tomb, Ritual, Asylum, Village and Ephyra are gorgeous.


man, can’t believe I saw someone who I recognize on here! hope all is well man.

Great points. I kind of agree with everything you said lol. Would love a master chief-like collection.


Crazy. I barely ever check these forums, and I just happened to look here right as you were writing a reply to me. Good to see you too, man.

(I really miss the art and writing competitions the EGF used to have… They brought people together like nothing else)


Same here, also it’s insulting it says I “joined” an hour ago. More like 2007…lol

I was on playing some FFA on G5 and was like…wonder what’s going on with the forums. I was around when they revamped it, but I guess I haven’t posted since it migrated.

What you playing now a days? I play pub G on xbox. Gears 5 every once in a while.

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The only video games I’ve played in the last two years have been Minecraft and Gears of War, because I moved to a mountain with the worst possible internet you can imagine. Dial-up was faster than this crap.

But I did play a lot of Apex Legends, Red Dead, and Halo 5 in the years since we last talked. Even uploaded some fun videos on my Youtube channel for some of those games, with more on the way. There’s also a playlist for Gears 4 campaign clips on Inconceivable difficulty, and I’m thinking of doing a video essay on the series.

Other than that, just working on a novel+comic hybrid in honor of my late brother.

I’m hoping that the next place I move to will have decent internet, so I can play multiplayer stuff again. Would be nice to be able to download Gears 6 digitally when it comes out…

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As an FYI

TC has gone through 2 different forum sites, the one you are talking about was the old Epic games one that is sadly no longer available.

Each time TC has created a new forum it hasnt retained any of the old user info

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Oh wow! nice dude (on the comic/novel). Sorry to hear about your brother.

The mountains (depending where you’re at) can be awesome! So maybe get some starlink out there from Elon lol.

Don’t know if you remember, but I have all my gears videos up still on mugen8288. Think the last video I made on that channel was a contest entry when The Coalition was Black Tusk Studios. (remember that?) and I won best music/audio for a montage lol. I actually dove into YouTube for a lot of other things, and do a channel as a side hustle now - on camera gear etc. Although I’ve taken a long break. It goes by my government name lol. If you’re interested in cameras at all - it’s hikyletaggart (my social handle everywhere)

If you’re interested in the essay type content for Gears, I know BChaps was/is doing his thing. Taccom is his/their channel I think. If you make something, or anything, shoot it over and I’d love to check it out!!


Ghost! haha. I recall the migration, but I guess I never “created” a username here. Thought I did. Oh well!

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