What does TC have to do?

I know a lot of people didn’t like 4 or 5 and because of this they’ve “Lost hope” on Gears 6. Personally, I enjoyed both of them. But the multiplayer needed some work.
But, let’s not talk about Gears 6 cause that makes people angry I’ve seen.

What would TC have to do with the series for the majority of angry fans to be happy?

I myself and the friends I play with are all in agreement that a title set during the Pendulum Wars would be a much needed change for the series. This era of Gears history gives TC 80 years worth of stories they can tell. They don’t have to focus on Hoffman, Marcus, Dom, etc. but we can get brand new characters.

I’ve always been intrigued by the UIR and would love to see their side of the war. Of course, it wouldn’t be a Gears game if it wasn’t about Gears. But it’d be a nice DLC.

But I’d like for us to discuss what would bring back players and make them happy.

Idk Gears 4/5 already kinda jumped that shark. Even JD and Del, even moreso Kait seem reluctant to wear the armor. Not for red tape like a character like Marcus or Garrus, but just like there’s no motivation other than it needs to be.

Seeing that the UIR was a group of free republics, I’d love to see the UIR portrayed not as the boogeymen the COG paint them as, but as a people. Same for the COG citizens who we rarely saw besides the Stranded.

Honestly it’s just a lack of dimensional characters and grounded stories. Hivebusters is the best they’ve done IMO but 4 feels like a smaller story, and 5 over-corrects by being way larger than it needs to be. It goes the Fallout 4 route of telling you “Look at all this cool stuff!” instead of just having a leg to stand on and show… you the cool stuff.

I think 5 just also dropped the ball on gameplay. It changed 3 or 4 times and never stayed the same, nor has it been satisfying except for a few brief moments. 4 kept me hooked with MP but with games like Apex, Destiny and others, I can’t think of many reasons to keep up with 5. At least Tactics has depth and killer customization.

At this point I kinda want Gears 6 to be done with so TC can move on from this “New” era of Gears since they decided it had to be a trilogy. Kinda wanna see TC make something not exactly Gears and let their studio breathe creatively without being held down by the ravenous Gears IP and ensuing toxic fanbase behind it. They could make a game out of that April UE5 tech demo and I’d love to play it, just try something new. I think trying something new in a new IP that they could later implement into Gears… would be better than using Gears 5/6 as a playground for new ideas without knowing how the community will respond.

But if it had to be Gears-related, a series of Comic books brought to life in 1-2 Act campaigns would be cool. Think like an MCC but instead of Gears 1-J being remastered it was just a collection of small tales new and based on old comics that people could play.

Adam Fenix choosing to be effective or save his men.

Stranded surviving the Locust invasion.

UIR being attacked by Locust on E day or their side of the Pendulum Wars.

A “live” Carlos Santiago and Helena. Harper. Brand. Etc.

I’d even play a pvp mode of Thrashball if they could make it work. Imagine instead of aiming a grenade you’re tossing a ball around and roadie running into someone tackled them. Idk. Just something with flavor because if Gears 6 is nothing but entering a room with chest-high cover and shooting brain dead AI with boring abilities and no soul or character, I don’t know why I’d continue to Play. Saints Row (2022) has this issue where the gameplay would be fine if this were 2010-2013 maybe. But it’s not.

It’s 2022 almost 2023, it’ll be 24/25 before another Gears and it needs to evolve to stay relevant. That doesn’t mean emotes and Esports and sprays and banners and executions. That means the gameplay formula needs something new. I think abilities in PvE are a nice way in the right direction, but it needs more depth. I’d love to see more of the Jack/Gears 1 Commands/Mass Effect squad style of gameplay come back for the campaign, ordering where and when to send troops, making Gears a TPS that blends RTS, Tactics-esque squad cooperation with the quick-pace fluid gunplay would make singleplayer and PvE modes much grander imo.

Imagine Horde but everyone gets 1-2 AI drones with them to order around. They could repair, fight, etc, making it much more about a smaller squad holding out than 5 badasses with plot armor. I think it’d feel much more immersive.

But that’s just my take.


Literally, all they have to do is make a video game. Just any game. Gears of Judgment: Pendulum Boogaloo Edition. Anything is fine.

Literally just resell gears of war 4, put a 6 in the place of the 4 and I would be happy.


I enjoyed the story of 5 more than 4 (except for the open world crap).

MP needs fixed… Whether it’s lag, delays, inconsistent shotgun or all of it combining to ensure you only get 10 minutes of good gaming out of an hour, it’s just terrible.

Everyone could forgive gears 1 for it but it’s 2022 and 2 generations later, it’s unforgivable.

The whole “1 pixel closer is the difference between a gib and 75%” needs to go. Make the pellets spread in a consistent pattern quickly (I know real shotguns don’t act that way but it’s a game, the drop shot doesn’t exist in real life either.

Slide cool down needs to come back (hate all you want) to bring people into the game or we will be all that’s left and the series will die after 6.


I’d like to see new game modes as well. I gave escape a chance cause I like the concept. But something about it just didn’t sit right with me. I’d also love to see new weapons. Don’t get me wrong, the Lancer and Gnasher are iconic. But cmon. A Lancer with a noob tube on it just isn’t good enough for me.

Also, why can’t Gears of War 5 have customization like Tactics? Each character I play as in 5 has outfits I’d change a few things about. Clayton’s Hollow skin is change his helmet and the back plate of his armor. IMO it’s not bulky enough for a Gear, unless he was in a Tank. Padoks gauntlet he wears, I’d love to change the color of it to match his UIR skin color.

I know I’m talking about changes like a change in timeline, customization, weapons, etc. but a lot of players talk about the damage, movement’s, spread. So I like to leave that to others to talk about.

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Overall I think TC did a good job with gears 4 and 5.
That being said there were also many, MANY things that could have been a lot better if only they put a bit more effort into delivering a more polished game.

For 6 I just hope they improve upon the foundations already established.


I very much enjoyed 4 and 5. I’m curious as to how 6 is going to go as far as story wise. Gears 1-3 was set at the end of the Locust War (common knowledge) it took 17 years to defeat the Locust. It just feels like 6 is gonna wrap up the Swarm. And in my opinion that’s just crazy. The locust are back and a Army that hasn’t seen action in 25 or so years just whoops back the Swarm in what is practically a year?

Throughout 4 and 5 all we heard most of the time was Kait complaining and making everything about herself. In 4 she was willing to abandon Marcus when he was in the same situation her mother was in. In 5 it felt like the WHOLE cast was against JD. Even Marcus having an issue with him. Yeah, he ordered the attack on Settlement 2. But in his and Fahz’s eyes it was self defense as they were throwing fire bombs and one even broke Fahz’s nose. Even Kait, who wasn’t there, decided to turn her back on JD even though she had no relation to that event and doesn’t even like the COG. Yeah, you can say it’s the fact that he got civilians killed. But literally in the beginning of 4 the group talks about raiding COG villages before Del and JD shows up.

I think it was a silly decision for them to kill off Del or JD during the campaign. For me it was unnecessary and creates a problem for future titles. Will Gears 6 now ask if you killed Del or JD during the events of 5? Or will they just pick for us? I know who I picked to save and would be pretty upset if he wasn’t the one that survived.

Even the playing field for PVP. Higher pings, fluctuating pings should suffer, not stable low pings.

PVE shouldn’t be a grind for anyone to play.

The campaign should be fitting to end the arc of Marcus, Cole, Baird, etc.

Support at least 2yrs into the game.

Make content accessible for all.

Make all modes balanced and fair.

Last request: see above


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You mean 83%


It’d be nice to see some Naval missions and some where we can be the door gunner on a Raven.

I’m also surprised throughout the years the games haven’t let you create your own load out for PVP.
Unlike Halo, I’d say Gears has always been a competitive game when it comes to PVP. Is this something players want changed? It would be a good excuse as for the team to add new weapons and continue to bring weapons throughout the seasons.

I would love to see a change to the animation when players or a player and an AI are trying to chainsaw each other and whoever wins just saws the other. In my opinion this has never made sense to me. What makes the opponent just give up? It’s not like the winner is doing anything to make the opposer drop their guard. That’s why I suggest they add an animation of the victor kneeing the opponent to make them drop their lancer.

Also, this is a small change but I think a well needed one. Multiplayer maps need day and night cycles or at least background battles. Gears 4 did the multiplayer maps pretty well. Especially Farm with the random storm flair that would sweep the map. Fives maps I’d say were extremely lacking.

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This is what I want. More ways to play. I love the gameplay in gears 5, but it’s more or less the same as other iterations and it has gotten boring and stale.

New animations would go a long way. New evasive mechanics that refresh gameplay and meta. I want more challenges and things to learn. I want traditional shotgun/gears 5 gameplay…but another mode that enables loadout customization for different and unique weapons would be amazing (maybe suppressors that disable stopping power but decrease damage.) I need something new for me to come back and want to play again.

The series needs to evolve and not look back. The core experience still should be an arena shooter. Don’t take that aspect away. But the game also needs to feature more PVP experience in a different way. It’s not that gears 5 is a bad game. It’s rlly not. It just has run it’s course with its gameplay and needs to expand.

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New MP modes such as a Squad TDM with more than 12 players, light destruction/physic effects, more smoke and steam effects, stationary weapons, and partly vertical maps as in the exhibition with a drivable elevator would bring something fresh, but the core has to be the same stay

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More players in a lobby is a must. 4v4 and 5v5 is just to small for me and many others. Gears needs to look other games and get inspiration from their bigger game modes. Modern Warfare has Ground War. Battlefront 2 has supremacy. At least give us a big battle mode where we can do 20V20 and add 5-10 bots on each team to really make it hectic.

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Does it matter?

The mighty Gnasher will not work on a large map. Think 50% bigger maps with 16 players versus can work.

A campaign with enjoyable characters and interesting villians, TC made the Hivebusters and it only took an act for me to fall in love with them. They are very capable of making characters interesting.

A multiplayer tuning and movement that is fun, ex: gears 4 core.

Pve is fine, definitely something that they nail on the head everytime.

They are capable of doing great things, im just not sure why they regressed in 5 when 4 at the end of its lifecycle was so fun.

the story will always be disappointing. Gears of War has some of the most boring and uninteresting lore out of any franchise. Hivebusters worked because it literally was just them making up a new culture/region and so forth. All the main characters except maybe Jack and Fahz (yes, I love that dude) are just annoying whiny brats that do nothing but talk about mommy/daddy issues and build up sexual tension.

Was Gears 1-3 really great storytelling wise? No. It had some moments yes, but I’d argue that like 90% of the dialogue is funny one liners and just wartime strategy. Storytelling was never great in this series in my opinion, and its only gotten worse with time as the new characters are just difficult to like.

Their only hope is MP, specifically I think the only real opportunity they have would be an Overrun style mode, classic Gears MP is just not very compelling or interesting in todays market, and having a main mode that could work in tandem with PvE (the only community that actually likes TC) and with the classic MP is essential. The reason Overrun is so brilliant is that A) it means Horde/Escape can be supported and B) it opens up lots of new ideas whether it be map design or new weapons and so forth. RB6S type defend/attack mode but far more badass basically is what I’m suggesting here.

Edit: TC should focus on what they’re good at, not what they struggle with.


I dunno man. You seen Carmine?

yeah he has good one liners…

I don’t think you know what interesting lore is. Look at a Star Wars or Halo or Elder Scrolls lore video and you’ll notice just how freaking different it is compared to Gears lore. Gears lore is pretty one dimensional and uninspired compared to a lot of other games.

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