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What does Kat do in escape?

Her ultimate is the hologram which…can be useful I guess but her passive is horse specific. “Build new fortifications at a small discount, and carry fortifications faster.” Sooo in escape she just doesn’t get to use her passive?

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I believe that is horde.

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She is not in escape, only Horde

You can pick her in escape.


Both modes actually but that might just be a joke from you Mr I am going to wear H3 Hayabusa armor in a gears forum because funny joke.
(Note:Actually like the pfp and find it ironic/funny)

When did they add her in Escape? I never noticed her.

She’s not in my escape menu.

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I use kat in escape. It doesn’t help until you get the halo card which give you stim like an energy shield

They probably mean Sarah Conner

No. Kat is playable in Escape.


No I mean Kat. She’s available for use in escape


I was wondering that too…unless they will have escapes where you have to build stuff

Ohhhh Shoot must’ve been one of those days. I completely botched that one. Sorry dude.

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I feel like kat needs a buff. In escape next to emile shes a joke and shes kinda a meh builder next to Del. If she had some halo themed objects to build from halo that be awesome.
Like the halo removeable Turrets or a UNSC deployable metal barrier that players can take cover behind taking less damage when they do.
They could bring special horde and escape exclusive weapons with them from halo also.
Like the DMR and the battle rifle. Shotgun, Spartan laser. Magnum pistol (Basically a hand held hammer of dawn)
Reach, grenade launcher that does just stright up damage if pressed or AOE shock if holding down. They could of brought the whole UNSC weapons with them basically.

They would not even make a dent in th gears lore as all the weapons are strictly projectiles based not energy blots\alien weapons,
with the exception of the Spartan laser.
But the hammer of dawn is that in space so? Why not. It’s scientifically possible, and don’t go against the “no aliens or alien weapons” rule of gears creation

Just some cool extras to really make these cross over truely special top it all off with 2 halo themed execution one for kat 1 for emile that can be used on any character for the owners of the pack.

Damn… That actually gets me excited. To bad It never happened

Weapons exclusively craftable in fabricator in horde but can be dropped or given to other players (for kat and emile only, makes sense as only they know them/how they look and function IRL. Can’t fabricate what you don’t know)

Horde halo base build items kat exclusive.

Magnums as standard side arms exclusively in escape fo Kat and Emile

Map builder Can place UNSC weapons on the ground for anyone

Would of been awesome to get a reach map too. Like a firefight map. And some tiles for building in escape

This is a cross over done right >,<

Ultimate addition would of sold CRAZY if that happened

Weapons and builds tho. Horde escape exclusive

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I’m in total agreement she needs a buff. There’s no reason to play her in escape because she’s got a handicap right out of the gate. And it’s not like she has a crazy Ultimate to go with it, either.

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The good thing about her is you can rank her up in what ever mode you want as shes available everywhere…yay…