What does it mean if a player's XP level says "OC" instead of a number?

I have only just started to notice this, but I am now spotting some players have “OC” written in their little symbol thing next to their names in the scoreboard and other menus where their XP level number would normally be.

What does this mean? Is it a bug? Or have they done something super special?

I think it’s when they are at level 100 and haven’t reupped yet


It also doesn’t say “OC” - it’s not a mysterious Roman numeral or anything - it’s just that the number “100” can’t fully fit in the space provided, so “OC” is the middle of “100”. :smiley:


Ahh, maybe it’s actually 100 but the 1 and part of the second 0 are being cut off then. That would make more sense. Well, apart from the fact that the number should still fit in the bloody emblem in the first place!

Pepper - you beat me to it! Still it’s pretty stupid it doesn’t fit. And also not sure why someone would want to stay at 100 instead of re-upping…

Weirdly you can watch OTHER people’s ranks go up as they play. Easily tested with brand new players in horde. But YOU don’t see YOUR rank going up. So maybe they were just at 99 with a little bit to go, player a wave or 2 and got the needed xp for 100.

the numbers are actually to big for the icon to display properly. yet another UI blunder to add to the list

For most people, yes.

But at Re-up 50, I can’t re-up anymore and it still says “OC” in gameplay scoreboard.

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This make sense… and is sadly probably true.
However, I have seen many players with ‘100’ fully displayed next to their name… so maybe its a resolution thing?

It means you get to make your own Gears original character.

Why you gotta flex on us😆

What does it mean when there’s just a c by someones name

To the left of the name, letters indicate squadmates

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Basically players in that lobby with the same corresponding letter next to their name are in a squad together. So if there are two players with ‘A’ next to their name, then they are together in a squad; and if the other 3 players have a ‘B’ next to their name are in a 3-person squad together.