What does everyone think of the achievements?

I’m glad they didn’t pick any of my ideas. Mine were all intentionally bad.

100% Dundee was my favorite though.
(Finish the campaign using only knife executions)

It could have been done in coop with your partner doing all the work but still, additional campaign achievements are the worst. So tired of playing the campaign.

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100% agree with you. Thank god you can choose the chapter to play except for the load out weapon one. Playing through that chapter to chapter sucks especially on Insane

I never gave a ■■■■ for achivments…Not in this game, not in any other. Just play the game and enjoy it ! :slight_smile:

I’m wall past enjoying it man.


Right? I’ve had this game at 100% what, 4 or 5 times now?

Same, Ive been playing Overwatch with a friend and I’ve been enjoying its diversity in gameplay. I popped up the game got an achievement, but cant for the sake of me play it anymore. I just dont want to lol. The only interesting thing that could put me to play is this new horde boss rush, we’ll see.

Boss rush should be pretty cool

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I found one of the secret one if anyone is interested: It’s called “I’ve the codes”, and to unlock it you need to deactivate the lasers on Security with Minh.


Can confirm this, worked for me just now.

Does anyone else know what the other secret achievements are yet?

There’s some info in that thread.

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you can just open trueachievements to see


The 2vs2 are horrible. Again a competitive mode achievement, as if we hadn’t enough already of those. Downed teammates never happen in this Gnasher mode…Don’t like the ring breaks too,

(Of course I’m a exception, but to be honest, after I’ve seen what happened in those 6 title updates/DLCs I’m not buing Gears 5 and ruin my completion ration again. Perhaps rent it and play the campaign on a dummy account).

The achievements are alright, although some of them, as stated further up the thread, should have been in on day one, or at the first addition of achievements.

I would’ve had more fun with them at launch or a year after launch but not now.

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WOW, you must really love achievements. You would Really not buy a game due to not being able to “complete” or if it messed up your completion ration! ? Don’t you just enjoy gaming for gaming sake then ?

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I just have the two 2v2 achievements left to do, and the one horde achievement which I’ll get the next time I play horde.

I have save states ready for anyone to get the two pain in the butt campaign achievements:
-2nd player just needs to come in on insane, fire a boom into the swarmak’s face and they’ll get that achievement.
-2nd player is already holding the memento mori so we just need to walk 10ft to pick up grenades from a hole to switch out the Dom’s Toms I’m carrying. You pick them up and the achievement is yours.

That challenge for the emerald character isn’t any kind of enticement for me to continue playing.

I’m not sure if you know this but you can just do a private match and start on Wave 50 Casual difficulty. Complete that and the achievement pops. Takes all of 5 minutes from lobby to finish.


I did not know that.
I figure if I have a team of 5 I’ll be doing a speedrun anyway so it shouldn’t be an issue to have everyone play as a member of Delta +Anya. (Why Anya and not a Carmine?)

I have noticed when I run horde by myself I get The Specialists ribbon AND the Diversity ribbon which makes no sense to me. (if anyone still needs ribbons at this point)

Kind of contradictory since one requires no repeating classes and the other requires everyone to be the same class.

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Which achievement is that? The all delta squad one?



Done the same myself and got a couple at the weekend.
For me personally ‘’ hi mom ‘’ should have been on the list from day one…
They could have made it a secret one at least.
I came across the bit to complete ( no spoilers lol) when originally playing the campaign while looking for cog tags.

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