What does a rank mean when you are not matched with people equal to your skill level?

Gears 4 did this too.

why are diamonds matched with teams full of silvers?

No other competitive game does this (cs go,rainbow six siege, league of legends, street fighter v, online chess)

The whole point of a ranking system is that you are matched with people equal to your skill level.
Of course you cant always guarantee an equal match in rank due to playerbase and que time reasons.

Noobs are getting steamrolled and there is no learning experience.

Ultimately rank in gears is meaningless as it is just a little picture that changes in the ranking menu.

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Gears 4 did not do this in my experience, only sometimes when player base got really low.
They will probably fix this issue for release. Big playerbase will also help.

I really hope that the game pass will save gears. They should also try to match groups with each other, playing this game solo his really hard right now.

You do understand you’re playing a tester, right?

yes, why do you think they let us play this stuff? to provide feedback right?

Parties being of different ranks.
Population percentage per rank.

Don’t act like that’s what you were doing. You wrote up a long complaint about matchmaking when you’re playing a brief server test. You compared the tester to completed games. If you’re going to criticize ranked matchmaking, wait until actual ranked matchmaking comes out. We’re still a couple months away.
You’re playing a server test right now.

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