What do you wanna see in future operations?

Waiting 3 months will be hard but hopefully it’ll be Bc they’re working on great content. Hopefully we will get 3 maps instead of 2 and some awesome skins. I want all new character skins we’ve never seen as well as old characters mixed in.

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Give me back my helmet cog heroes (including the Carmine bros and Onyx Guard) alongside my Therons and Kantuses then I’ll be set.


It’s kind of disgusting that the Onyx Guard have been shown in trailers and gameplay but we cannot play as them at launch.


I’m looking forward to having to wait for characters we had to wait to get in gears 4. So I’m excited to wait again for locust in multiplayer lol

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All Carmine’s, Recruit Clayton, the map river, snow themed cog gear, wheel chair Hoffman

Last ones a joke, but it would be funny .


White/Black Steel Clayton Carmine… I will be set for life… :wink:

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It’s basically false advertising.

Im not looking forward at all, I’ve seen this system in multiple games already it makes playing like home work. reminds me of high school days :rofl:

I dont want to be forced to play certain maps/modes or with specific weapons…

You’re not forced to unless you want to complete something. Things don’t get completed by themself.

Besides new maps Gears 2 maps and maybe some select Gears 1 maps, I honestly don’t know. I’m kinda good with just about anything really, as long as it’s quality. I know this is probably gonna come across a bit daft but one thing that really comes to mind is the Las Vegas E-sport weapon skins, loved those.

Those were kinda the only skins in the entirety of Gears 4 that I really really liked overall.

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Execution Mode or warzone

Anthony Carmine and Locust Grenadier. I have been playing as them since the original Gears and I would like to do the same in 5.
Edit: For modes I would like to see Wingman make a return.
For Maps if they want to do remakes then I want to see maps which haven’t been in multiple titles already.

General karn, all of the Therons and even the gears 4 swarm elite drone since he’s not in 5 for some reason. For cog probably Franklin and paduk and the carmines. I just want new maps and maybe 1 or 2 remakes . And for the people who want them the onyx guards. That’s it for me though.

Not daft. Those skins are probably the best in that game

BAIRD. Enough said. We Baird aficionados had to wait a whole year to get the real Baird with hair in GOW 4. Bald Baird and White Lab Coat Adam Fenix cos play Baird was unacceptable. Hopefully not that long this time.

Also want Delta Squad and some characters from GOW Judgment like Karn.

Barrick was not introduced in judgement in fact he wasn’t in that game at all.

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Oops your right. It was GOW 3. Time to update the post.

Without grinding for them… New enemies added for Horde mode and also new weapons.

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New enemies for horde and escape in the future is a good idea, would like to see this.

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