What do you think

What do you think needs to be changed,fix and redone there is something missing from this game the other had it but this doesn’t don’t get me wrong I like the game it just feels like something missing maybe hopefully the creater will read this and find a way to throw your ideas and mine into the game to not make the game better but to enhance your skills and and have an edge on the competition

Something missing from this game?

You mean, like an actual working and consistent Gnasher?

That’s been missing since OG Gears 1 :+1:


Variety, a respectable microtransaction/RNG system, and a network infrastructure that actually works.

Quite literally 99% of my frustration is with the horrible bullet registration/networking this game has. The other 1% is when people have a false sense of being good at the game when it’s their connection that allows them to soak up damage or completely ignore it.


I’ve been playing more Halo lately and the hit detection is spot on. No issues whatsoever with my low ping. I’ve seen random players teleport but they still die as they should which is something Gears needs to do too. I’m tired of shooting a high ping/high fluctuation player in 4x only for them to sponge it and shoot the wall and I explode.


Yeah, I’m real tired of seeing people simply shoot in my general direction and get the kill when I’m in mid slide, but I can shoot them square in the teeth and have it count for nothing.


Hit detection

I remember the first time I played. I feel in love with gears games what I want to see more control with the characters and more options of game play and to add a lot of the locust characters remastered more aggressive and beastly looking don’t get me wrong the new locust are pretty cool but I talking alot more scarier

I would love for campaign to have an arcade mode/mutators again.

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I don’t see why Campaign couldn’t be mixed with Horde for an Arcade style where each segment has elements of Arcade and Horde waves with maybe the final chapter of each act having a relevant boss or two.

Arcade mode could be unlocked after completing the standard Sotry Mode :+1:

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it would be interesting to have an app to track our stats

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to me i hated parts of the campaign where we had to fortified areas and fend off the swarm. it just didnt feel right to me…

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whats missing is the fear… the dread… the “this is it” feel to the fight.

i play gears 1 and also its the classic dread music i miss aswell. the creepy sounds the wretches made, the jump scares, etc.

gears 3 the heart beat when you start up the game.

Gears 1 the big loud sound of the epic game logo… then the dreadful red backround.

gears 2 the burning buildings and for loading up the game of the pictures being placed down with the epic games logo…

to me these are the simple simple things that made the dashboard of the game much more like a gears game. you knew what you were playing from right when the game started up…

gears 4 is just pictures of enemies the game is 100% lacking this and they dont seem to realise how important these slight changes are…


Wasn’t a big fan of it either because it just felt like it was there just to extend the game a few minutes more and didn’t really feel right to me. As well as that I think (I could be wrong) those areas were put in as some sort of tutorial to get players ready for the new horde mode.

As for the OP. Better hit detection would be ideal so high ping players can’t dominate the map by absorbing shot after shot.


That was more like a BETA version of what they could do …

Here’s a good what about the packs keep getting the same ■■■■ over and over it’s a waste of credits get 20 Dom’s and 80 bounty cards what happened to playing the story mode and unlocking the characters and re up to go throw and get what you missed and the prices are ridiculous any where between 9.99 and a 100.00 dollars

The most Gears part of the campaign was the Prologue. Everything else just felt like it was slapped together and released.


Gears 5 needs a more robust server and a total evolution in mechanics, gears 4 has greatly improved its mechanics, but there is still failure as metirosos damages, calculations that do not match the distance of the damage

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I honestly think that they should of had xp and credit rewards in campaign and maybe a little extra. Personally I feel as if the campaign was boring because there was no real incentive to go back and play through the campaign other than for the other achievements which I can’t be bothered getting and still would be boring during the time to get them and after getting the achievements campaign would still be boring. Gears 3 had xp rewards from both campaign and arcade, plus arcade you could play through and earn the onyx medals which meant even more xp.

This is something I truly feel that TC left out and honestly it makes me not want to play this game that much. I played so much of gears 3 because you could get xp doing anything even private matches and you could even get ribbons from private matches which again TC left out and I’m not even sure if they will implement this whole thing into gears 5.

I’m not too excited for gears 5 because I personally feel like I have no real incentive to want to keep playing gears 4. There just isn’t enough options to level up… only multiplayer and horde. I just hope TC will think very long and hard about what they will do with gears 5 and I hope they do a better job with it. I don’t have my hopes up but I will still buy it and hope for the best at that point in time.

So peace out, like I said I hope TC will take this into consideration and think about it. I hope I will be impressed with the next title and I hope that I will want to keep playing it more than I have with gears 4.

p.s I hope they will include more maps from gears 2/3 that haven’t returned yet.

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Good to see you here!

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Better story
Better servers
Better hit-registration
Lower Ping
Less lag
No lootboxes
Universal tuning
In-game unlocks
MP announcer
Character dialog in MP
Better gore