What do you think of RAAMs shadow?

I would like to know your opinions about this DLC.

Enjoyed it. Gave some backsrory.

Ahem… I have three words for this DLC that can summarize it all

s t a b
s t o m p
c r u n c h

Left me craving an actual Locust campaign. Great DLC for $15.


The human side was decent enough though not particularly remarkable. The Locust side was fun but mercifully short because any longer it would get rather boring. There’s potential for some world building in these bite-sized stories, but the biggest take away for me is that a lengthy, Locust-centric campaign probably isn’t a good idea.

For there to be a good campaign there needs to be a potentially interesting plot to follow, and I don’t believe the Locust can carry a narrative for the entirety of a game. Even an “anthology” style game that a lot of people like to bring up doesn’t peak my interest because Gears is a character-centric story. When you deviate between perspectives like that, everything feels scattered and pointless - Judgment was sort of like that and weaker for it.

That’s probably the best DLC ever created into a Gears game.
3 hours Campaign.

Everything I wanted , back in the day.
I miss those feelings.

This is for Valera.