What do you think of my idea?

What do you think if … the repeated characters that some players have of esports packs, were they interchangeable or could we exchange for one that we do not have?

Then it defeats the purpose of having packs in the first place if you are just going to swap.

It would be much better to have a every pack be one price for the full set of everything, no RNG bs.


Yeah, like the Run The Jewels airdrop set. It’d be like the old days where you got exactly what you paid for!


Yeah but I’d say $4.99-$9.99 is enough for regular packs.

Black Steel ok $20 for everything.

You know what, that makes it accessible to pretty much everyone then.

What they shoud have done is to have made a esports premium scrap currency which is used to scrap cards that are paid exclusive ony.

That way the premium scrap can be used to craft esports cards only.

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This would be a worthy workaround at least for those that get multiple packs chasing the last card or two.

But ultimately - a single purchase is the best way to go.

Also another good idea is making all the esports packs last forever like run of jewels instead of 12 hours day.

Nah, because I’m sure that wont lead to impulse buying. If people know its up for a limited time then they’ll spend more in a short amount of time than if it was made up permanently.

Forever is a long time.

Maybe like a week or two.

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