What do you think is the best skill card?

Excellent Choice :rofl:

The only thing I don’t like about the card is that I can’t equip it twice.

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Team Tepair, to maximize the uptime of my MG Sentries obv.


Epic score boost.


Reaper is fantastic but I think Concussive explosive for gunner is magic for horde.

I know some don’t like anymore vet class but what about Headshot Master ?


Disciplined. The extra damage with most weapons is so good.


Mine has been execution shield since Op4 but @Tatterz made an excellent point about Veteran’s passive which is newer than Op4. Discipline is probably my #2 followed by bait armor then rear Armor.

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Well you can also argue that Disciplined probably isn’t intended to be as good as it is. 60% bonus damage per consecutive shot is nuts.

Nomad’s Consecutive Shot bonus damage is contingent on Crits, yet it provides nearly half the bonus damage per shot compared to Disciplined.

I’d love to watch a Blademaster with a Disciplined stack though. An extra 200% melee damage while holding a ballistic weapon :sweat_smile:


Blade Dancer used to unintentionally increase your shotgun damage as well as melee damage but it was fixed pretty fast. Idk if it worked for other guns but I know it worked for the gnasher because that’s the main weapon I use as BM. Either way, Blade Dancer is still incredibly strong but im glad they fixed it. A Gnasher with triple damage was crazy.


Score Boost

Jk. I think it’s got to be Disciplined if every kind of setup is involved regardless of modifiers, classes and whatsoever. It’s the one card that can be applied anywhere and is broken too. Can even be combined with other cards making it even more powerful.

I don’t see how any other card can possibly top Disciplined if you compare it with each and every single possible scenario.

If you were to go more on a defensive basis, probably Harness Energy because it applies Stim very fast and across the entire map to every team member. Problem: Relies on the Ultimate so Ultra Slow Recharge becomes an issue (whereas for Disciplined, that’s not the case).


There’s no real criteria. Just whatever comes to mind first when the question is presented.

Discipline is a dominant card. I got it in my top 5.

What are the other 4?
EDIT: I guess you explained it in the vid, haven’t watched it yet.

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  1. Execution Shield
  2. Discipline
  3. Bait Armor
  4. Rear Armor
  5. Bullet Boost

I honestly wasn’t sure about #5. A few came to mind. I’m more set on my top 4.

There is absolutely no explanation in the video, I don’t want to influence either direction. Although, my answers are everywhere now 🤷


Sure Execution Shield is strong because of the invulnerability, however on its own it’s useless on bigger enemies (hence why Disciplined tops that, it works on every enemy). You already have to combine Execution Shield with either the Ultimate or another card for that to be more viable.


Logically, you’re correct.

But I’m too attached to my original Paduk on The End SOLO. It’s been #1 since OP4 so I’m just leaving it.lol

For context: I was initially trying it with level 4 and level 5 cards. It felt impossible and it probably is without level 6 execution shield. 60,000+coins of upgrades later I got it to level 6 which severely enhanced the possibilities of that solo.

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must find disagreement options for everything :stuck_out_tongue:

So again, Disciplined doesn’t have to be on Level 6 to get its full potential. You can still stack up to +200% damage, it’s just slower.

That’s what I meant with comparing it with every single possible scenario. :slight_smile:

Of course, everybody has their own opinion, however I want to see if somebody finds a weak point for Disciplined. :smiley:


If I want to find a “weak point” I have to be facetious.

You need bullets for Discipline. If you are out of ammo, it doesn’t work.


I wonder how a Tactician will ever run out of ammo. :wink:
True though, that’s the only “weak point” that I see as well.

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Oh you want me to start a comparison war with Disciplined and Execution Shield? That 1:0 will change pretty quickly. :wink: