What do you think is the best method of hipfiring

So since gears of war 3 the way I line up hipfire shots with the gnasher, is to align the target slightly to the right of my shoulder. I’ve done it so much that it became second nature to me and I could shoot targets accurately from distance without the need of popshoting. However, because I rely heavily on visual perspective with this playstyle I feel like I’m not as consistent as I should be.

To cut this story short, what from your experience is the best way of hipfiring gnasher? I heard some people say they use the barrel, their elbow, and even their head to line up shots and was just curious how you guys played.

It’s an unconscious effort for me, but I think I align them in front of my barrel. That’s where the shot comes from and it’s not an inconsistent way to do things.

It’s a good point thought that you should prefer lining enemies up more to the right of your barrel than the left. Whenever you see clips of people “sponging”, it’s most often because the pellets that missed are to the right of the enemy. Move that enemy more to the right of your screen and it would’ve been a kill.

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