What do you think about timed sensitive skins only

What title says what do you think about it.

My opinion is this . Let’s say someone is a year late to gears 5 and all the skins that was earnable in that year that he/she missed they can never earn those skins. To me this an extremely anti consumer friendly way. I started gears of war 4 in it’s later years I’m talking about 6 months before gears 5 came out. But in that span of 6 months I was able to unlock most of the skins bc they were not timed sensitive. I am very appreciative of that fact and to me TC has took a step back in their friendly consumer ways. Like 9 months ago I would of told you TC is very consumer friendly. And in all honesty the flipped the script on me.

I don’t know the solution to the problem , they would have to entirely switch their system. They think people don’t notice , I notice you used to be friendly now your system is very anti consumer friendly and I know it all roots back to money.

This may not be a popular opinion, but think some how they should have the skins from the TOD unlockable in some way. I would of hated to start gears of war 4 and see all these unlockables on other players knowing I will never get them. And yes you can say it’s my fault for starting late , but the way I look at it I feel bad they started the game late and now they are screwed out of skins they could of earned. And there is nothing wrong with making a system like this just to be nice to your customers! TC you got to understand you need to be nice to your customers !

That’s my opinion on it , maybe we can get TC to implement an unlock system for past skins for the future late starters or hell even for people that didn’t finish the TOD in time. I say only have the weapon skins and character skins obtainable to unlock . Just a thought! It would look good as a company !

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They need to rethink removing the ToD imo, the way I see it is it’s game content, content that should be playable if I bought this game in 2/3years time, there is no reason what so ever that the ToD needs to disappear

I didn’t buy a subscription service

I bought a full game


Yea your right but they won’t get rid of it this game but maybe gears 6? I mean if it’s still around

Na I mean they shouldn’t get rid of the challenges after season 1 ends, they should add ToD2 on top of T1 then t3 an 4 after that, so say I bought the game in 2years I should have 4tours worth of challenges to complete at my own pace, maybe working like the totum system so I’m not checking similar things off simultaneously?


That’s a grand idea , hopefully they will see this thread !

I assure you I’m repeating myself :wink:

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It’s not much different than any game that uses a Battle Pass system such as Fortnite.

There needs to be some sense of urgency to unlock the content in each season otherwise everyone will take their sweet time. And let’s be honest, 3 months is plenty of time to get the unlocks.

As for vaulted content, they can ways bring them back in future Operations as special featured items. Fortnite has done this.


I’m not complaining about the time it takes , I am saying they should have an unlock system for people that are late to the game for old tod skins just to be nice

That’s not a bad idea, but once again it takes away from those who warked hard during that Operation to get that content.

I don’t think there’s really much they can do other than bring them back in future Operations.

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Ofc there needs to be some (fake) sense of urgency, otherwise their sh*tty boosts would be even more worthless

Battlepass systems suck and anyway, i dont recall buying a battle pass or a game as a service

Add content, don’t take it away!! Will always be my stance on this kinda BS

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Yeah I understand your point of view , that’s why I said it’s not a popular opinion bc some people may feel cheated bc they invested time to get the unlocks before a dead line. But for me I don’t feel cheated bc I still get them anyway and idk Im just all in favor of helping the new customer I guess

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I personally like Battle Pass systems. It has a nice sense of progression and keeps you always wanting to play more with the daily objectives, medals, and rewards. I was never this engaged on a daily basis in Gears 4. Tour of Duty has me freekin hooked, and the funny thing is it’s not even that good. If Operation 2 is great I’m going to be even more hooked.


There’s either plenty of time or ya gota work hard, i dont see how both can be applicable here??

I’m busting my balls trying to get general, played gears every second of my gaming time so far since day 1 and it’s gona be a photo finish, who has the time? Ppl who dont work full time? School kids that shouldn’t even be playing That get home 4hrs earlier than me? I truly don’t know

3 months is plenty of time, but it’s still an effort. I dont see how both can’t be applied.

Anyway, I don’t play that much during the week to be honest. Little bit after work maybe 20-30 minutes when my wife’s busy with my son, but Fri/Sat late nights is when I invest most of my time. Basically the only time can really play.

If you complete your dailies and get a good amount of medals done (a lot of which just come naturally by just playing), then it really isn’t that hard. Plus with the free boost we had all this time, you could have taken advantage of the Double Star weekends too. Over the course of 3 months, it’s not that bad.

I’ve even gotten two Totems completed and I’m almost done with my third.

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Yea I’m about the same, problem I find is I want to maybe play some horde or something I no longer ‘need’ to play just for fun BUT I can’t cause time is running out, need general for the seriously chevo which I’d like so I’m forced to play somebody else’s way.

Guess I could buy some boosts lmfao

Paid solution to an artificial problem

That’s the foundation that built the whole system, make no mistake

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Yeah I feel you. To be honest I’ve spent zero money on Iron for the Tour. I only spent one time to get Skeleton Kait.

I personally enjoy all the 3 major modes, Versus, Horde and Escape. So it’s been fine bouncing around different modes for me personally.

However good news is that Operation 2 is supposed to have a more balanced approach for medals so both PVP and PVE players have an equal chance of getting stars in modes they prefer.

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I hope so

All weekend jus gone for me has been suffering through escape which I find monotonous

Spent over 4hrs re running the hive trying to get those juvies for quick kegan kills but didn’t happen, no real progress made there

Done 2games of horde as Jack getting assists, kinda boring that, prob suffer another one 2nite

Hours of co op v ai for those vs as it’s 10x faster than normal mp

Ranked, can’t do any but king lol

Its just a mess :expressionless:

There’s literally no reason for campaign skins to be tied behind time-gated medals and battle passes, or kept behind a pay-wall in the shop. It’s ridiculous.

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It’s nice to read someone who really likes the game. I love the game and everything . Just I hope operations 2 has way more character and weapon skin content.

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??? These forums are FULL of nothing but praise bro

Whatever do you mean :rofl::rofl::rofl: