What do you love more about this franchise?

In my case I go to the narrative of the game, -because I say so? is that the information of history is very scarce as soon as they are complemented with books and comics as complements.
I think I would love to have a DLC of some circumstances in the comics that fill me with more history or the remastering of the Gears Of War 2 campaign.
But sometimes I see it difficult we are in a section where we all want to win that is where they prefer to focus on the ONLINE., I do not say that it has nothing wrong, the truth is fun but this is where the company bets more on its ONLINE That your story.

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Check out gearsofwar.fandom.com
Lots of good information on the lore.

For me, it was always the brothers (and sisters) in battle against incredible odds and the exotic environments that it put them in.
When the story turned into something else (Gears 4) I found myself being into the intense gameplay of multiplayer modes.

I’m really hoping the campaign goes back to the lore and the dark atmosphere because I really miss it.


1: The Lancer is what first brought me in & I stayed because of the characters and story, over the entire series.

2: Gears 1 Multiplayer helped extend my stay after I got Xbox Live in May 2007. Still game with a few buddies I met online back then.

3: Gears 2 Horde with family & friends is one of my highest points in the series. So many late night Horde runs I can’t even count.

For me, it’s multiple things, so I apologize in advance :smile:

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Got to be the Campaign for me, mostly for the story and characters. Though I also started to get into online modes more in Gears 4(started with that around the period of its release generally), more specifically Horde. But it still isn’t really the main selling point I find in games, bit of a “story nerd” if you will.

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I could not compare HALO with GOW, it would be silly to say every game knows how to take on board their community sometimes these comments of good ideas are not carried out., It has been many months to have raised it but that we will see in this next installment , the truth is I expect a lot of cookie in this story - guys I know the truth I am exalted by writing and I am pleased to see you in my post because it makes me think that I am not the only one who likes the history of this franchise.

The comics, the books, the story. My favorite campaing is gears 1 even if a lot of people prefer the 3 and the only multiplayer i haven played so far is the 4 : ).

I wanna be a bit more serious on the 5