What do you like most in multiplayer & what is missing? Thoughts on OBJ gamemode or spinoff?

I really enjoy the Horde PVE mode the most; it’s sort of a double edged sword because I like the amount of depth it has with the different classes and the fabricator; but I think the complexity can be a bit daunting for a new player, or even one who has dabbled with Horde previously. The only other aspect that feels a bit off in horde is how chaotic it can get; I understand that’s sort of the idea, and this really boils down to the prep of and performance of the team, but sometimes it feels like it’s just a roll of the dice until until you get an enemy combo that just works. Maybe I just don’t know enough about the mode, but perhaps it would be helpful if there was some sort of communication clue as to what might be coming in the next wave, or perhaps this could be part of a class recon ability that could forecast the enemy types in the next wave and their approach? Just tossing ideas out.

I haven’t given Versus mode a chance, but there hasn’t been much to entice me tbh. When I look over the modes they all look like a slight variant of death match; or hold the circle. These modes come across to me as a bit dated and simplistic but to be fair I’ve always favored classbased object gameplay so maybe just a personal preference. Anyone have strong opinions on what and objective based game might look like in the Gears Universe? Basically something in the vein of RTCW, TF2, Enemy Territory, or Dirty Bomb. Given that it’s “Gears of War”, it seems like a pretty good fit to me but is obviously a departure from the tradition. Would you play a spin-off objective based Gears game?

The grind is too much.

Either the number of skill cards needed to upgrade each level needs to be reduced; or the number of cards dropped per game needs to be increased. Either way, the cards-per-minute radio needs to be increased.

And some classes have alot of really mediocre cards; or with limited function. There are quite a few skill cards which I reckon can be merged together, so that some of the flab can be cut out.

And from the start of GOW6 there needs to be an auto-scrap system in place for excess duplicate cards for whatever in-game currency there is. We didn’t get this in GOW5 until really late - was it in Op 6 or 7? Before then, excess duplicates just sat there, and when they were converted to Gear Coins there was a cap on how much we would be given.


Fabricator could use a lot more defensive options besides barriers and turrets.

Very rarely will RNG/Luck determine the outcome of how the wave will turn out. It all very much depends on the classes and the players using those class. Its just something you learn to deal with having much more experience with the game mode.

Stay away from versus. Its extremely toxic.

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Ohh definitely.

Scorcher style venom turrets, scorcher turrets, eletric stun traps, heavy sentries.
Player controlled version of the scorcher turrets.

Maybe even DB’s? A condor dropping DB’s?

Also letting the weapons locker reload pistols would be good, I do have a lot of fun with Boltoks.

Wave spawns are also very predictable with TC, like you know you won’t be seeing Dropshots with any other set than the Imago/Leech waves, no Juvies/Leeches or Dropshots will spawn on waves 9-12, literally everything has Boomshots with them potentially spawning on wave 4 at the earliest(in Frenzy at least). I get providing some predictability to players, but I would much prefer adding some variety by not making it completely predictable exactly which enemies spawn with what wave pattern and when they start/stop spawning.

Also, jesus, get rid of that ridiculous Theron spamming. Why does there have to be six of them all in the same section of the map while they all hold their shot for 500 seconds and have the ridiculous stim bypassing that in no way or form should have gone past playtesting AND remained unfixed?

I wouldn’t want anything to encourage sentry-spamming. GOW5 has done well to reduce this.

The trouble with this, is that friendly AI’s are still AI’s and take up game space, so it reduces the number of enemy AI’s that can spawn on the map at any one time. I guess having one larger DB friendly unit would be fine, but we already have Baird/Robotics Expert’s DR1 ultimate ability anyway.

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Right now Horde doesn’t even spawn that many enemies to cause issues with them not spawning in properly. The only time I even see that be an issue is on The Onslaught or if you specifically cause enemy spawns on something like The End to make enemies in the main room not spawn.

So having 4 friendly DBs out would hardly change a thing. And if Gears 6 is only on next gen consoles(which it probably will be), I doubt it’ll even be a problem.

Do you mean the Series X, or it’s future successor?

If I knew whether MS brings out yet another console model before or when the game releases…

But unless the improved Unreal 5 graphics hog an absurd amount of processing power, I’d think Series X would cope.

I figured so, but with this current generation of consoles being backwards compatible and games being playable for both Series X and XBOne everything feels a bit like it’s merged together into a weird shadowland of not quite being one generation or the other. I don’t know about sales numbers and general perceived success of the Series X, but it feels like this generation (as in the Series X’s generation) is more of a holding pattern rather than something that is truly innovative and progressive. I guess it’s one of the reasons why so many people (myself included) haven’t been in a rush to go out and buy one (although the supply issues is another big reason).

Really? Does it actually reduce the number of enemies that can spawn in?

Yes. With GOW5 and the XB One definitely. I remember in one of the old Developer’s Streams TC were talking about old ideas they had for ultimate abilities and they discussed some of the ones that made it into the game like the Mechanic’s old Tracker Balls. If I remember correctly they mentioned that they had considered skill cards which increased the number of Trackers you could spawn, but this would mean having to allocate space for the AI of each Tracker individually, which would lead to fewer enemies spawning.

Yeah that makes sense, I think. That would have been a nice ability to see

This was discussed by Michael shannon (previously TCs best employee) on a stream, he had an idea that we as players would have a turret base which we could then attach different guns on it. Im sure they even had a working model but it got binned.

That sounds great, maybe they’ll dig it out the archives and try to bring it to Gears 6?

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