What do you like and dislike now that we have played plenty of the tech test?

I like that they made the Lancer actually relevant again. I like that melee was improved (somewhat). I still prefer Gears 1 and 2’s melee that actually partially stunned the opponent.

I disliked Arcade mode. I would rather just have the same game types as ranked but just not ranked. Rifle damage is a tad too high. Its so high that it makes rushing almost pointless. Now players can just camp and hide behind cover the entire game and kill you from afar. They just need to balance it better.

You know theres a whole feedback thread to post this stuff in


Wheres the sign bro?

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And yea @l_l_C_L_O_W_N_l right I wouldnt be a good mod


If @T0NY_HAYABUSA was a mod, this whole thread would have been history

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I’m not liking your attitude lately man.


Our little boy became a man and boy has his attitude changed


Huh??? What I said was flattering

I think a 3 day suspension will teach you a lesson…oh wait, I’m not a mod…yet

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I shall fight for you Tony

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As you should

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