What do you guys use to post clips up on here?

What do you guys use to post clips of issues you see while playing the game? I have a few I would like to share. Thanks in advance

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I edit them down to isolate whatever I’m showing and then upload to youtube. Copy the link into the post from there. However, I’m on Win10 so it’s a little easier for me to record a clip and throw it into Video Pad to compress it/shorten it before uploading.

You could use the xboxclips.com capture/video link just as well though if you upload a clip from xbox. That’s a link to all your vids uploaded through xboxlive.

Here’s my link for example. http://xboxclips.com/aliceinchainsaw

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The youtube embedding was working fine on the previous version of the forums and it doesn’t seem to work at all on this new one. Looks like text links only - no embedding.

Mod/admin, correct me and help me out with a solution if I am mistaken.

I would also like to know the answer to this

IDK I have always used youtube with no issues on the old forum…I’ll try one here

EDIT:seems to work fine,enjoy the awesome gameplay ,lol


Every time I tried it last week it would just scrap the code and I ended up with a blank post. What did you do to get it to post?

Let me see if this works.

It let me do it here, but it won’t let me do it in my thread. I guess you aren’t allowed to make 2 posts in a row in your own thread. Everytime i try to post it, it says please let others participate before replying.

As for how i posted it. I did it on my phone. I downlaoded one drive on my phone. Saved the video i posted to my downloads on my phone. Then uploaded to youtube. After it was done i hit the link button and it was copied to my clipboard. Just pasted the link here. Hope that makes sense. I’m rushing through this.

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I tried both the embed code and posting the link directly last week and it would only do text links. (looks like it 's working now so this was all pointless :slight_smile: )

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I had no idea about this! I had videos Id been wanting to upload and had no idea how… Super Big Help! Thanks!

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