What do you expect from gears 6?

Does this mean your getting the remaster of dead space?

They should of did that neat thing they did with the halo mcc where you could swap between the graphics for nostalgic reasons

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Is the game any good ?

Hell ■■■■■■■ yeah. Can’t wait to see how EA manages to bungle it!


If your like into l4d2 and all that it kinda like that sort so i think it pretty good a bit buggy and hard to find lobbys right now but still fun

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If Gears 6 pvp is like Gears 4 (late stage) then I’ll be happy.

Marcus needs to headline every campaign as long as he’s alive imo. Kait sucks


Then there this

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Nothing from campaign and versus. More crap of skins and an ingame store rather than improve gameplay. Horde must be more accessible, get rid of stupid grind, But I don’t give them a confidence vote unless they miraculously learn from their mistakes, but I doubt it. Let’s give artifitial difficulty with a lot of boomshot scions or other kind of enemies with obscene aimbot and the paper covers that are useless.

I wouldn’t say hes scared, hes more shocked. And even if he was afraid how does that make him a rookie?

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Boomer :grimacing:

Don’t forget the lambent pandemic!

And then me and grey went on gears 2 to suffer from boomers on insane

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Oh yeahhhh Lambent v locust :blush:

Outsider rebellion/stranded insurgency too maybe?

Ehh I mean I guess you could but I like the first 4 tbh.

My man my boi when should we do gears 2 insane

or some frontier justice when ever you can my main man the mineman

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I beat gow 2 on insane, it was awful. Idk how it would go on co-OP :upside_down_face:

i go on insane you go on casual xD?

I’d be fine even if it was just an evolution of Wingman and used factions for teams instead of characters.

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The movement :upside_down_face: