What do yall think about this new map idea of mine?

First off, I’ll like to mention the inspiration of this map is the fact that we need a new 1v1 and/or 2v2 map like midbox and foundation are linked in gears 5 now.

And the “hedgestone/Stonehedge” spiral image, (search online for image) is the inspiration for the following map description:

A spiral not exactly like “hedgestone”, but with more stones, many vertical standing stones spiraling in to the middle to eventually stones laid horizontal. This will be in the middle of the map. The top part of the map will be a bunch of open observatories with either no glass building encasing the plants, wells, falls, and place of solace like environment, and/or with no doors or more than one entrance.
The bottom part will be a big mansion/house (like “gone with the wind”) that takes up the whole bottom part.
The middle far right and far left part will be entrances and exits to an underground cavern, or a science lab or library with hidden like atmosphere of importance to the things in it.

That’s the bottom part or hidden, bottom layer part but the top far left and far right part is covered with… a small patch or area of eisle’s of bushes creating a Maze to both entrances, yet surrounding both entrances, to appear hidden or atleast from looking on the outside of this maze of or with bushes

PS: what should we name it?

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