What do we wanna see from TDM?

Calling all the tdm players.

I don’t play serious anymore as college has started.

But I have played a few of the tdm games.

So far it’s fine. Not perfect but fine.

What do you feel is missing from tdm?

Maybe we can make a petition of request to improve tdm.

Full squad according to the whole forum


Do you or anyone know why they did this?

Just wondering for myself.

Apparently to deal with full squads playing against solo players. Unsurprisingly it was the solo players who continued to complain which warranted this change.

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I see.

What’s your opinion on the new tdm?

I personally play solo and duo from time to time and I don’t have an issue winning. So I don’t really care tbh but I do agree that it’s a team based mode and should stay 5 v 5. If they wanted a duo mode restriction then they should’ve just brought back wingman

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we want normal TDM back but if TC has issues with the competitive side they need to fix the rule set and mechanics. I was under the assumption that TDM was being taken out to do this.

early suggestions were based around each player having a pool of lives or way to limit camping and spawn camping.


lol @ the echo chamber of people saying “its a team game”. LoL is a team game 5v5 but it respects solo/duo players. if u want to team go vs other stacks properly (custom) or public games. just nasty how people talk about it. all entitled.

t. has no friends

Unironically yes. If you knowingly put yourself in a ranked TEAM game mode and don’t have a team yourself then I legit feel no sympathy.