What Do Veteran/Daily Horde/Escape Players Think of The Coalition (if/Does) Remove Your Hard Earned Cards + Leveled Up Characters For Classes?

My last thread was censored for legit criticism for creating legit dialogue with the fans/customers of this game/product. So I will post again BUT with a specific question.

What Do Veteran/Daily Horde/Escape Players Think of The Coalition (if/Does) Remove Your Hard Earned Cards + Leveled Up Characters For Classes?

How does it make you feel if Coalition did this?

You put in the work in.
It made you play daily,
Is it better or worse with what is proposed?

(LACK of balancing, tuning, new cards, revision, maps, updates, events all suck yeah.)

What do you think?
Put your comments below.

Thank you for reading.

If anything, it would mainly be the green and blue cards being consolidated since some characters have copies of other characters’ lower level cards (e.g. custom lancer, custom snub, tough skin, heavy resistance). I don’t think any purple or gold cards would be removed since those are mostly unique, or am I wrong? I would feel slighted a little bit, but then again those lower cards were pretty easy to get so I’d get over it.

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If it’s something you’re worried about, I honestly wouldn’t worry because as far as I’m concerned there is zero chance of skill cards being removed. I mean, TC only recently adjusted the drop rates of skill cards, so they wouldn’t remove skill cards if they only did this so recently.

And even if they hadn’t changed the drop rates, they still wouldn’t. It would be such a kick in the teeth that even TC would know fans would be very unhappy. Whatever changes are in store will involve skill cards.


It’s been hinted a few times by Gears content creators and in the Dev stream of something drastic.

I hope whatever it is is a win win.

Also can’t they add a classic mode for horde? They add all these games for pvp, why not Horde?


Pve has never been a priority for them. All focus has always been on pvp.


I think what TC have planned is as simple as detaching the current Hero skillsets from the character model - so you can choose to play as say, Anthony or COG Gear and equip JD’s skills.

If TC wanted to REALLY change things up, they may group skill cards together into several sub categories, maybe based on alot of existing roles like “tank” etc and let us choose a role, choose a character and then any 5 cards from that category. But this has its own problems with testing and balancing as they’d be mixing different character’s cards.

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Considering I always wanted classes over the hero system I’d welcome it, being able to play who I want and how I want has always been a huge appeal

If that’s the case, then they should bring back the scrap economy from4

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I don’t get it. Id you want JD, play as JD. It’s just a skin. There’s 20 characters to choose from all unique.

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I think it’s just cos alot of players are of the opinion that they should be able to choose whoever they want. Alot of them have their favourites and those they dislike, and given the game features microtransactions they feel that if they’ve spent money on a skin then they should be able to use that skin as much as they want. I see where they’re coming from to be fair. I myself had that opinion previously when GOW5 launched. Nowadays I’ve grown to quite like the Hero system. It’s flawed, but I wouldn’t complain if it remained as it was (but only if TC could speed up releasing new Heroes).

It’s a skin with an unique personality, which is something people value a lot in Gears and is a reason why the hero system is hated, by restricting what you can play without either sacrificing enjoyment because of a class you don’t like tied to a character you like, or playing a character you don’t like or simply don’t want to play for a playstyle you like.

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That’s my point. It’s just a skin. Pick Fahz for sniping or Baird. Why play Sniper Kait?

The other problem is balancing. If PVE was balanced you could play as Lanhi instead of JD. Now we gonna get Mac doing Cole tackles. SMH.


Not necessarily. I suspect that if they do detach Heroes from characters, then Cole and JACK will be exceptions because they have their own unique movesets etc.

But as I said, yes it is just cosmetic and it doesn’t affect game play, but fans of the franchise have come to love these characters, are invested in the lore and are attached to some of them.

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Same. I like that Marcus is exclusive with lancer. That’s his thing. It’s Marcus. I like the Fahz is not shotgun Kait, he’s a sniper. That’s his thing.

I hope you are right and it doesn’t effect effect gameplay. I just hope it doesn’t dumb down the game and there is plenty to do for months to come.

How exactly is sniping Fahz’ s thing? We literally know nothing about his character and not really anything about him to indicate that he would do that.

Whereas Kait has had it detailed in books that she prefers long range combat. Yet she has the close combat role. Where’s the tie to character lore? Logic??

And if the skin was only cosmetic why do they also have unique voice lines to give them unique personalities which makes them more than a mere cosmetic skin like the armors in Halo are?


I played it 5+ times. There is nothing to tell that he prefers sniping over other combat. In fact, he spawns with either a Lancer and Overkill or an EMBAR and Overkill. Not always with the EMBAR. Meanwhile Kait always starts out with a Longshot in either Campaign so far and has had actual solid clues to her preferring long range combat.


Simply put, the Skill Cards in Gears 5 Horde are terrible. They hardly ever suit the character they are designed for. Why The Coalition got rid of the mostly excellent Skill Cards from Gears of War 4 Horde, i will never understand.
We need the specific Skill Cards back for the specific character, Snipers need Sniping Skill Card, JD needs Lancer GL Skill Cards, although many think JD is too over powered as it is. Engineers need Skill Cards for Building and Repairing, and the list goes on.
Also, Perks need to go, or they need to stop using Energy for them. Earn your Perks, Pay to Win is bad for the game, and the game is bad enough with its flaws and bugs.

I like the idea of a Classic Horde. Bring back Gears of War 3 Horde for Gears 6, along side The Coalitions version of Horde. Maybe get rid of Escape for it. I am sure, given the chance, Classic Horde Vs Escape, Classic Horde would win. I hope.


Thank you. I know more now.

This will never happen. But if it does, then it must be a mistake to get account progress wiped.

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