What do they mean when they say that items from tour of duty and the store will go into the vault when they leave?


Under ‘Weekly Store Content’: ‘Don’t forget, next Tuesday will see a brand new collection of content available in the store while this week’s collection is vaulted.’

Do they mean that the content will be kept away for an extended period of time and then made available at a later date?

Or do they mean that when it’s removed, it’ll never be made available again?

They really need to clarify this if they haven’t already.

Knowing the Coalition, that could go either way.
Just don’t expect to see anything reappear any time soon.

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Im sure they are just going to copy Fortnite like they obviously are with the way characters and items are sold. Hoping for a piece of Epics success it seems. The only downside to this strategy is they are forgetting their target market isn’t a snotty nosed 10 year old who blows his allowance on the new skin every week. Their marketing strategy is flawed in this aspect and I see them failing to make their quarterly gains from such a strategy. The demographic they are going for isn’t going to go ape ■■■■ over one character. Nor will the vast majority buy more than a few skins with the current system. Unless there really is that many over privileged ■■■■■■■■ out there who still live with their mom I don’t see this one working out.


“Vaulted” usually means it goes away for a while, and eventually gets circulated back in. Much like old movies go in and out of the “Disney Vault”, for a film example.

My guess is old ToD unlocks will eventually show up on the store (because obviously people would be unhappy if old Tour cosmetics showed up on a future Tour again). Store items will just circulate in and out of the store along with new stuff.

You’re not gonna put your people to work making cosmetics, sell them for a day or week, and then take them out of circulation forever.

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It will reappear in the future but not anytime soon. I’m gonna guess probably a year away maybe to celebrate the first year of gears 5

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Great way for them to make money though. By capitalising on everyones fear of missing out.

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Yeah, they’ve probably implemented this Fortnite-esque store because they’re hoping to have snared some of the Fortnite kids in by having Game Pass Ultimate available for like £/$1 recently or whatever. Probz hoping they come in and continue their Fortnite store spending habits in Gears 5.