What do I have to do

Onyx 3-97%

Win 6 Games straight, 0.0% gained.
Lose 1 Game, Lose 0.31%, putting me to 96.69%
Win 6 Games Straight. 0.0% Gained
Lose 1 Game, drop to 96.43%
Win 11 Games in a row, 0.0% gained.

In two months of playing TDM, I’ve went over 120 more wins then losses easily. Yet I can’t gain any percentages for anything. I’m over 20 games in a row now without seeing a single gain in percentage. Nothing seems to change it. Beat a team full of Diamonds, a team whose ranks are higher then mine? Doesn’t matter. Get MVP ribbon, the win, smooth operator, vigilant, gain NOTHING for it.

I’m starting to think it’s rigged/impossible to get diamond unless you had it previously in the past season.

What’s your squad size?

Got any screenshots from your games?

You are literally on the hardest part right now - that last few percent that changes you into a Diamond player. You have to absolutely cross that threshold and convince the game of this before it will happen.

This is a Copy n paste

Discuss any ranking issues here:

The ranking system may seem weird but it works as TC wanted it to. If you read the below article you will see how you can rank up easier and how losing percentage isn’t as bad as you may think…

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