What do I do when everyone around me is aweful

ok so I tried to play standard versus, quick matches but my squadmates suck something fierce and can’t keep up with me. help!

Just leave the game

ok but I really want to win and get ribbons

play with friends or looking for groups post

You need to find the rhythm of the group. Not every lobby is a bad one and if you think they are, it may be you, not them.
Remember, it’s a team game. Often times, I hear a player raging that his teammates suck. Usually, this person is putting themselves in bad situations and not helping the group.

For example, if you’re playing Mercy, don’t be the guy that goes in the church and dies 12x while his teammates are working off the mulcher tower. Vice versa, if they are playing church, you need to help them there.

I’m not saying you’re bad, but only saying that guys who cannot play with randoms usually aren’t trying to play as a team.


In what way are they not keeping up ?
What modes are you playing ?
Unfortunately you may have to keep trying until a squad click and then invite/friend them.

My biggest issue with KOTH/Escalation (all I play) is lack of communication. Hardly anyone talks or they are in private chat. I still babble on regardless, always trying to be supportive. I also ALWAYS spot and tac-com all the time and I mean all the time, why don’t people do this ?

The one frustrating trend I have noticed lately in Escalation is players not trying to break the hill when you are seconds from a shutout or do not close the ring once they start to capture!
We had a player yesterday who was lms on a couple of occasions and he absolutely could have broken our Home on Dam a few times, but I watched him just lancer from only a few feet from the objective. I do see that if we had managed to stay alive he would not have been lms of course :laughing::wink:

if you cant beat um. Join um. but whatever you do, dont give up cause no one likes a quitter​:slightly_smiling_face::+1:!