What difficulty for certain cards?

For instance, if I need a purple card can it randomly drop from any difficulty or only a certain difficulty and up?

Epics only drop from Advanced and up, with probabilities increasing for every stepup in difficulty. So you have to play Advanced, Elite, Insane, Incon and Master for Epic drops. But they won’t be guaranteed.


The mutators/difficulty section shows you what the likelihood of all card drops as a percentage. So on Beginner you won’t get anything but Common/green. On Intermediate Common/green cards drop to about 95% while Rare/blue cards fills the remaining 5% or so percent. You have to play on at least Experienced difficulty to get a small chance of an Epic/purple card dropping.

It actually starts from Experienced but the drop rate look awful. Like less than 5%.

It’s practically zero, but I had forgotten about it. Not that it matters since you’re extremely unlikely to see any Epics drop on Experienced. Or anything other than Commons, really.

That’s unfortunate because I can’t play advanced or higher due to not being able to turn off the camera shake on those difficulties.

Seems they don’t care about those of us with disabilities who can’t take that screen movement.

Guess I’ll be saving up scrap to buy them then :frowning:

I dont know if this is true for anyon else but since the last update ive been getting total trash cards on master, incon, insane and elite - greens and the occasional blue. Have TC nurfed the card drops?

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No, that’s your usual RNGesus shenanigans. Sometimes it’ll give you several Epics and/or three Legendaries, other times you’ll get squat for rewards, making you wonder why you even played that high difficulty in the first place.

I did 2 master frenzys back to back the other day. 7 greens and 1 blue aquired from both games combined…its a joke still!

yeah - it just seems particularly bad green card overload since the last update a couple of days ago.

I’ve been saying for months you should be paid in scrap, the harder the difficulty and the better your score the more you get. People that play lower levels can get what they want, and those that play higher levels arn’t punished by rng at the end of a match…everyone wins…