What did the UIR do during the Locust war?

Hey fellow Gears!
I´ve been wondering, what did the UIR do during the period of the Locust war?
I know that they kept fighting the COG after the Pendelum wars but I think once the Locust attacked, this stopped. I have only read Aspho fields, so maybe I´m missing something.

Was the UIR actually still existing after the Locust attack and if yes, is there anything known about their activities in the Locust war?

Some (former)-UIR soldiers were conscripted into the COG army - Paduk was an example of this.

In terms of the countries - I don’t know. It may have been that they were subject to sanctions and conditions of surrender and so on (similar to the real life Morgenthau Plan following WW2), and the UIR forced to withdraw from any UIR-occupied countries. They were definitely still around though. I’m not sure if the UIR technically fell during the Locust war like the COG did, but remnants of the UIR evenually agreed an alliance with the COG and assisted the remnants of the COG during the final battle in GOW3 at Azura.

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Per the novels, the UIR as an organization effectively ceased to exist when they were defeated in the Pendulum Wars. One of the conditions of their surrender was that most of it’s member states would be absorbed into the COG. Like the rest of Sera, it’s people were either slaughtered by the Locust, decimated by the Hammer of Dawn, or became Stranded.

The small, surviving population of Gorasnaya were the only “true” remnants of the UIR. Their forces were crushed shortly after E-day and for the remainder of the War spent most of their time battling hostile Stranded at sea.