What did i do to deserve this?

Could someone legit explain or go into full detail of why this had to happen to me? WHAT THE ■■■■ DID I DO??? I seriously want a EXPLANATION!

i would truly like the explanation from the company behind the game…

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Honestly, by playing the game. It happens to a lot of gamers here on the forum. It sucks because you get punished for playing their game.

Why exactly are you upset? Is it the matchmaking?

I was wondering the same, from that screen at least. Annoying they lost a player, was that from the get go or right at the death. Also GearsK had carried his team, but I can do that in a match and finish bottom of the next!

@GearsKaios what are you unhappy about ?

Isn’t that r capt guy one of the community gnasher artists?

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Just the team man…

Are you playing solo?

Because TBH, playing any mode solo is risky because of stuff like this.

Yeah but this is a reoccurring thing most the time…


Oh ok. Ya, it can be frustrating at times. Looks like you almost won though and maybe would have if your team mate didn’t quit, so in that sense, maybe the teams were reasonably well matched.

You did great though on the positive side.

Unfortunately doing great doesn’t get me a rank up…

LMAo This game is trash, in no other game do u get succh unfair teams

Yeah you may not rank up BUT, you wouldn’t drop either having done well in the match. Believe me, I’ve had similar issues with quitters and just plain bad teammates.

Here we go again.

What did I do to deserve this?
… happen to me?
…DID I DO???

Paranoia…it just happens to you…like it’s never happened to the other side? Well here is the news…it probably has and does happen to the other side.

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Ah, playing Solo.

Get used to disappointment, I certainly did.

can someone else explain what the OP is talking about because they don’t explain it in the post

He is pointing out how he got matched up with people far below his skill level in TDM, whose penchance for dying cost them the match.


This, plus the enemy team wasn’t even that good statistically compared to him yet he still lost. But those are the breaks when playing solo and it’s a major reason why I never do so anymore.


Believe me, I feel you paid dude. This happens more often than not.

For the images, its a little cut off, but I lost all the matches.

You had the best connection.