What did everybody want to nerf in GoW3 PVE?

I didn’t play much PVE in GoW3 so what were people crying to nerf then? The sawed off shotgun? The Vulcan? The Cleaver? Anya?

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No disrespect Op,Truthfully None for me,I was happy,not t nerf weapons (horde)but on the forums the sawed off shotgun was a big issue in pvp

The butthurt the Lupara caused was delicious. This was the only time a loadout-weapon could hardcounter the gnasher-■■■■.

Stopping power on the Retro was also nerfed close to launch. The stopping power was similiar to the Claw in Escape with the SP-Mutator,

I didn’t like how it relied so heavily on the silverback.

The requirements for the Medals?

PvE the Silverback was god