What days were the Beta again?

July ? MP Beta
August ? Horde Beta

Don’t know if there’s a horde beta, but mp “tech test” is set for July 17th.

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Alright, thanks.

Rod said that there was a Horde type event, or maybe I misheard , in August

To showcase Horde :+1:


I just rewatched the video and he said they were having a “hands on” showcase of horde mode on August 29th.

did they mention on how to enter the beta?

Have Xbox Game Pass Ultimate or Pre-Order the game.

I had a month left on my Game Pass and a year left on my Xbox Live. For $1 it extended my Live by a month into October 2020 but also extended Game Pass more than a year. :smiley:

Great deal.



Did you get Game Pass Ultimate?

It includes Gears 5: Ultimate Edition.

Yes, that’s what extended it.

I may just use Game Pass Ultimate for Gears and buy it when it’s on sale, lol.

Aha why would you need to buy?

You’d still have all the content even if you bought the regular version post launch.

And your good for game Pass for a year too right?


I meant buy the regular edition.

Once Game Pass expires I’m not renewing it. I wasn’t going to renew it next month but for a dollars year I said whatever.

Ok, fair enough :+1:

So there is a beta ? If u preorder when does beta begin? Or is just that early access being considered a beta?

Basically it made my year of Xbox Live that I had left become useful as I won’t be playing on console anymore and PC is free.

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If you have Game Pass or Pre-Order you get to play the Test Beta on 17th July.

So it’s for one day?


Everything got announced for PC and Phil Spencer basically said, going forward, everything will be Xbox and PC with Crossplay.

We don’t know how long for yet.

I imagine 1-2 weeks.

Ah okay I’m probably getting the ultimate edition anyways just cuz I have for every gears game so far might as well lol so it should be fun to get to check it out in july