What could be the worst mistake in Gears 6

i think it’s important to talk about this early, so share your thoughts about things you don’t want to see in gears 6 and why?

It must have more Escape. I really hope TC don’t decide to drop this mode.


Promotional characters, listen to eSports, not give the BS/CS characters we paid for, bringing back Speyer, Gridlock, Blood Drive, Forge, etc., not make new maps

could go on and on


Turns into FPS RPG

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Bringing back the awful hero system. Never liked it. Never will.

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Not learning from past mistakes.


And not make enough new maps which arent all shinny and colourfull and played at daytime.

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  1. No Escape Mode

  2. Less than 10 Classes

  3. Many Chapters of Campaign are Opened-Area for Exploration without any further Explainaton of the Story

  4. Ghost Melee + Auto 180 Backfilp

  5. Bringing the trash Maps like Overload, Blood Drive

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Negate MP matchmaking for low populated areas (again)


also not having matchmaking work on launch again while players are still there, so maybe the population stays healthy for more than one week

Classes locked to character again, that people will complain about, again, so TC spends a year fixing it, again, instead of working on more relevant issues.

Severe lack of launch maps and not many new post launch maps either due to improper prioritization or allocation of resources between the regular MP maps and Escape hives/tiles.

Lacking character roster at launch, admittedly less relevant to gameplay too but given that they’re more than just a visual appearance change in Gears, still not going to get a pass.

Better balancing for enemies without the wonky AI behavior in general and particularly at launch. Nobody liked the JD GL spamming meta most Master Hordes devolved into with Drone Elites that had orbital railgun cannons with pinpoint accuracy for weapons.

No more “Hurr durr Carmine must die” nonsense. The “joke” needs to die instead.

I could probably think of more but that’s the main ones.


Honestly, the game needs to run well and provide a smooth gaming experience at launch.

Games these days, it’s, sadly, the norm that they launch with bugs and glitches, and there will always be people who are disappointed with the content, be that volume, quality, cosmetics, grind, rewards and so on. It’s also, not always, but often the case that over time issues get addressed, content is added, some feedback from the player base is taken into account, and (some) players accept this and will hang around. Or, if not hang around, at least maintain some interest in the game.

But if you launch, especially with a poor overall game, and that poor overall game doesn’t even work, people won’t stick around, and they won’t maintain interest, and they won’t come back. (Some may even consider that series tainted for good.)

At least that’s my spin of a big issue Gears 5 had.

Calling it Gears 6 instead of Gears of War 6 would be mistake number 1.

Having very little new maps at launch.

Creating an awfully grindy system to boost their boost sales(pun intended). Having anything like boost would be terrible, but at least keep the absurd grind away.


Mistake: Not bringing back “mansion”

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Continue being Games as a Service but has a $60 entry fee to play it. Basically make the multiplayer portion free 2 play if you want to continue with this style of product.

Campaign needs to either have only 1 act be open world or go back to being entirely linear. I prefer the latter. I would also like to see two seperate campaigns so the choice actually has an impact on the tone and journey of Gears 6.

Cut down on the grinding. Classes, Skill cards and Re-Ups are just so extreme in 5. You could also add the new PvP leaderboards to the grind list as well. I know not everyone cares about achievements but they too need to tone down on the grinding.

You either launch with all of Gears 5 maps on top of the new maps made for Gears 6 or you launch the game with a decent number of new maps with a promise of never bringing back maps which are in more than 2 Gears games.

Character roster needs to be ported straight from 5 so we keep the skins we own. If they want to charge for the E-Sports skins again go ahead but the rest we bought with iron or/and coins we should keep.

Edit: No stealth nerfs again. Be forth coming with changes to the balance.
Power Creep is too extreme in horde. Due to the high damaging classes existing we have to deal with enemies that can knock us down in less than a second and are super accurate with low accuracy weapons.

Low Gnasher Gib range and stop telling people the “exact” percentage of damage they did after they die.

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They should really just work on the bugs in gears 5 over the 3 years. Port it to gears 6 and make a solid game. You know what they should have done with 4 but they didn’t.

They shouldn’t contract out the people who make code so you have a rotating staff of people creating a game.

These are more important than any game modes, skins, maps or whatever. They need to make the core strong and not what they did with 5 and rush out a half done product because they are either forced to or lack the skills to make a game.( which we know they can)

No GOW game has ever done that. Most games don’t.

Also as I’ve said many many times, it’s not a simple port. It rarely is. GOW6 will be using the new Unreal engine so porting it in all likelihood is simply not possible in any capacity and character models will need to be recreated from the ground up.

Even GOW5, while it uses the same Unreal engine (as GOW4) is a more advanced version and also utilises a more advanced programme for ingame physics and what the industry refers to as “real-time character dynamics”. Some character model assets may possibly be ported from GOW4 to GOW5 but a ton of extra work will need to be done to bring it up to the standards of GOW5 by adding things like 3D animation rods to enable things like hair, armour, knife sheaths, fabric etc to move as intricately as they do.

I’d like for more character skins to be linked to campaign-related achievements though, like in GOW1 and 2, especially alternate skins that appear in the campaign itself.

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Not getting rid of the current multiplayer tuning because “pro”

Not having KOTH back in ranked, preferably 5v5

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  1. First thing first - I’d like TC to take their time to deliver Gears 6 at its best. That means no rushing with the launch. I’d rather wait 4 years and get the best quality of the game.

  2. Dedicated servers. Nobody wants a repeat of G5 launch with servers constantly crashing.

  3. Personal preference- no open world in campaign. I’d love to see a return to original GOW atmosphere where everything was dark and gloomy.

  4. I hope TC decided a to keep the current modes ( Horde and Escape) without hero system.

  5. Please do continue Escape!!

  6. I’m hoping to see the return of 5v5 TDM, Dodgeball, KOTH, Wingman and / or Overrun.

  7. Please revert the tuning in versus to the one we had in Gears 4!!

  8. More new maps at launch, please! New!

I would want more but that’s it for now.