What control scheme do you use?

Personally I can’t see myself using anything other than tournament ever since I started using that in Gears 4. Being able to keep my thumbs on the sticks at all time since is just chefs kiss.

Like it’s actually kind of a problem in the times I’ve gone and replayed the older games. I suck really bad at Gears 3 now because I have to use the A button for everything and it’s just so alien to me now after acclimating my brain to the tournament style.

And this is neither here nor there, but people who play with a claw grip aren’t people anymore once they’ve made that decision.

Recently switched to Classic-Alt.
Just like Default except I have my cover slide dedicated to A. Only time I ever go claw is if I go for Vault Kicks.

No more death rolls, super comfy, and translates to all Gears. Love it.

I love Wall Bounces. And unfortunately, in this game there is only one control scheme that makes your bounces the way they should be - this is Classic-Alt (you can reassign or overlap buttons, but the control scheme should be just like that). All other control schemes are simply dead. Of the advanced settings I use Single Stick Movement.

Default controls, no advanced changes.