What constitutes an assist?

For the life of me , I cant figure out what gets an assist to register when I have a daily that involves getting assist. To me, an assist is contributing any amountmof damage to an opponent that causes his death. Whether you fired the kill shot or not…that is how it is in other games. Maybe the program is just bad at tracking the assist. It seems to track better in horde than in verses. What am I missing?

This, good Doctor.

The difference is probably that enemies in Horde will not regenerate health unless the relevant mutator is active, meaning that no matter when they die you will still get an assist so long that you did at least 1% damage.

Opponents in Versus, on the other hand, will obviously regenerate and if they heal your damage before dying then your assist is void.

That’s all I can think of. Anything else…then I’d recommend not prescribing yourself dodgy medicine once again.


I think if you do any amount of damage to an enemy then somebody else gets the kill it counts as an assist, as long as that enemy doesn’t recover to full health. Marks
also seem to count.

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