What classes can be combined? And what classes are a must-have?

Gears 4 had 5 classes. In gears 5 we have 19 (don’t remember exactly).

Many would agree that some classes can be combined.

What classes you would like to see in gears 6?

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Blademaster and Infiltrator. I play both of them exactly the same way.

Really? Interesting. I would have thought BM can be combined with Protector and Striker. But if BM and Infil will be one class, won’t it be OP?
Bleeding with melee, bleeding with shotgun. Getting stim on kill.

Protector and BM are very close to each other beside the drop shield. If the promo class was just gone, I don’t think anyone would bat an eye at it. I certainly would never see any reason to pick a Protector over BM in practically every scenario.

Striker at least has the thing going for it that it’s sort of a sniper/melee hybrid(even if it only gets bleed with the mace). Imo it sets itself apart enough to not warrant any kind of merger, more so since the ult staggers bosses as well(Swarmak aside).

Other than that, I can hardly imagine what classes would be combined into one. Maybe Tact and Demo but there’s still some subtle differences between those two that set them apart, depending on how the former is played.

I guess next question would be - do we really need that many classes?

Eg - I really like Architect but I hardly use it in Horde. RE and Mech are much better.

I doubt it. It speaks for itself that there was no further classes added after Op 4, after it was announced that that stupid hero nonsense would be given the boot it so rightfully deserved in Op 5. At the very least, with how Gears 5 functions, every available niche was more or less covered by Op 4.

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I think Gears 5’s 19 classes are just more tailored versions of the basic 5 classes we had in Gears 4.

CQC / Scout classes
Blademaster, Striker, Protector, Infiltrator, Brawler

Heavy Classes
Demolitions, Tactician, Pilot, Gunner

Rifle / Long Distance Classes
Nomad, Marksman, Veteran

Engineer classes / Support
Mechanic, Robotics Expert, Architect, Combat Medic, Jack

Slugger, Anchor

So I don’t think we need 19 classes. Somewhere between 8-12 would suffice. Not sure what new classes they could add but I think 19 classes and 297 or so skill cards was a bit too much for TC to handle lol.


Oh yes, for sure. Even from the beginning i always thought it would be so cool if BM had Laceration. It wouldnt change my playstyle at all and it would help alot since it would activate TOTH before i melee the guy for the first time.

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I wonder if some classes could be combined in a way which enables players to pick between say, two different ultimate abilities; as well as a choice between two or more different playstyles.

Many of the post-launch classes like Gunner, Nomad and Brawler have at least two different playstyles, but some of the earlier ones are much more fixed. For example the Infiltrator is basically shotgun orientated. The only real deviation is the Stealthy-Cloak build.

I also wonder if in-game perks could change into skill trees, and incorporate branches where one skill leads to a different particular set of skills at the next level? Or would that just complicate things?

I think broadly speaking the current classes cover alot of the main playstyles. I’d add that I think the Combat Medic is still quite primitive in terms of its actual application and GOW6 can definitely expand on it more by including skills and abilities which synergise better with healing and buffing team mates. For example an ability to “mark” team mates which gives that team mate a temporary buff.

Also the Grenadier role held by the Slugger is also currently very primitive and could be expanded much more. For example with skills that buff all grenades and give some of them different status effects. As an example tagging a Flashbang onto a robotic enemy enables a hijack effect where it turns into a friendly for X-seconds; or Incendiary grenades set fire to enemies causing burn damage for X-seconds.

It’d also be nice to have the Hammer Of Dawn back - even just as an ultimate ability, so that’s something that is missing.

Also the Buzzsaw needs to covered by a class in GOW6. I think every other weapon has a class who can optimise it decently, but the Buzzsaw only has the Gunner’s Heavy Capacity, which doesn’t exactly help buff it very much.

But aside from that, the roles are covered, but I think some of them can be streamlined and merged.

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Well I think TC complicated things with 19 classes and 297 skill cards. If they cut the classes / cards down a bit, then they’d certainly be able to put more into skill trees and the ability to choose or mix and match ultimate abilities for sure. If they decide to make Gears 6 PvE in the same fashion as 5.

Allowing each class to have a lot more diversity than it would otherwise. As you mentioned, most classes only have one or two different optimal builds.

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Exactly how ive always wanted BM and Infil to be. The classes play so similarly that they could be interchanged.

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Yes, that’s what I actually had in mind.
Eg. Have several builds and/or perks for the same class. So you have a choice of using cards that are attached to an ultimate.

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The most useless heavy weapon, imho. Players hardly use it.

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I had in mind the system used in XCOM.

Basically each class of soldier has two distinct branches as you upgrade.

For example there is a Grenadier/Machine Gunner class in XCOM2 which specialises in heavy weapons - namely light machine guns; and a grenade launcher. Each time you level up, you get to upgrade a perk in either branch, but only one upgrade per level.

So for this class, at level 2, you have a choice between skills called (1) Blast Padding which is basically extra armor, which is a Grenadier skill; or (2) Shredder which gives your machine gun the ability to destry enemy armour which is a Machine Gunner ability. At level 3 you have two different skills to choose from, and so on.

Gears: Tactics uses a similar system, but is more elaborate with 4 branches per class. I suppose this being part of a perk-system may be too complicated given you’re expected to perk up during Horde intervals. It’d probably be better in terms of skill cards etc and something players set up pre-game in a menu.

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But that’s just it though! It’s pretty useless as it is now in GOW5 so it needs buffs. I’d love it if a class had cards which optimised it. Like the ability to bleed enemies; if it had ultra stopping power; the ability to bounce saws off more walls; a card which enables players to track the trajectory of the bounces/ricochets; if you could imbed spinning saws into the ground or walls so that enemies who try to walk across or use it for cover will take damage etc.

Hmm, yeah I like it , would make sense and this system would allow us to organize all these numerous skill cards.

In another post where someone asked what cards we would use if we had 7 slots.
Some classes don’t even have that many cards to choose from lol
( looking at you Protector)

Or just have a lot of very suboptimal/useless cards(or very situational ones that only work in certain situations, or Escape).

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Really I’d just want to see classes combined so that there are more variable builds. As it stands now, multiple classes only have one real build, two at most. And the rest are just a poor use of cards.

I’d like to see a lot of the cards no one in their right mind would use removed, and the good cards combined between similar classes to give more variance to builds. I’d really like to feel unique when I’m playing my class, and see that same class do new and cool things when someone with a different build plays. Like Nomad, but for every class.

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So like a destiny sort of system where you change between your ult and builds?


Infilblader? Bladerator?

Gnash and Slash?

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