What characters do you think TC will add into gow4 until gow5s release?

The Coalition stated that they will support gow4 up until gow5s release with content but my question is what remaining characters do you guys think will be added? I honestly don’t know what’ll come other than maybe a couple of different drone variants and cog variants that use voices that are already in the game. And I personally think that TC is going to add General Karn into the game with the image that popped up on the rise of raam packs by mistake. I know that’s not a lot to go by for a character but how could they have put that image in there if someone had to pick it and see what was going on the pack? If they add him I could see them using a deep pitched kantus voice ( even though he’s a malformed Theron) since he never had actually dialogue other than growls. But what do you guys think will be added for remaining characters? I know The onyx guards, General karn, female cog and golden locust are highly requested but let me know.

It’s kind of hard to tell, the Theron Guard pack was unexpected so who knows. I’m hoping for. V-Day Pack though, we will just have to wait and see.

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I’m convinced Karn will appear. The image of Karn appearing on the Rise Of RAAM packs initially was too much of a coincidence. It can’t be a mistake. I mean, of all the images from the comic that they could have “mistakenly” had on the gear pack… I reckon the Locust Miner and/or Cyclops would make sense as another character to accompany him in a pack. Looking at the images from GOW3, the Cyclops and Miner basically has the same body armour design as the drone, but just has a different helment so it makes sense as it would be easier and quicky to do.

More broadly, TC have said that throughout 2018 the focus had shifted to characters being redesigned variants of existing characters already in the game - ergo - the gist was that it would be unlikely that we would get any (or many) new characters that were not already in the game at that point.So the likes of Jace, Paduk, Valeria and so on - named unique characters, are very unlikely to appear (but not impossible, and even if one or two appeared, TC basically suggested that we shouldn’t expect many at all).

Locust characters are easier to create cos the voice lines can be recycled. Human characters need specific voice actors, or at least a soundalike. However generic “clone” characters like variants of COG Gear soldiers are another matter - they’re anomymous and don’t require any specific voice actors so are easier.

TC also said that for Season 6, the reward won’t be a Diamond or other jewel-themed variant of an existing character. They had said that it would be in the same vein as Aaron Griffin. I’m not sure what this is supposed to mean, but could be interpreted as being a brand new character that isn’t in GOW4 at the moment. If so, then considering everything I’ve said, then the Onyx Guard is a possibility given that they’re popular amongst the fans, are unnamed “clone” characters - i.e.: do not require any particular voice actor onboard.

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I would be ok for no new characters, we are prob 9 months off 5 lets wait and see what we get.
Maybe some unlocks for the beta would be a good move.

I wonder if we will get as many characters and variants in 5 ?

Ditto. I wouldn’t be too fussed either way. Just that TC have said there’s still some customisation skins waiting to be released so well definitely get some more. It’s hard to know when it will all stop. I think there’s one more eSports tournament in spring (April or May I guess) so I’d imagine TC will keep supporting GOW4 until around then. E3 will be in June I think, and the Beta should be shortly after?

So at a guess we’ll have maybe 3-4 more gear packs; plus the season 6 rewards, and some more weapon skins available from challenges.


Ok look, this job asking about character/weapon skins is already taken by @GearsCharacters. We don’t need two people doing this now.

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I’m hoping we at least get karn before they wrap up with gow4, that would end it on an awesome note for me since he’s starting to become my favorite locust leader and since he’s never been a playable character. But in all honesty TC has done a great job giving us a lot of characters. I’m just wondering if that image on that raam pack was a tease because I don’t think they’ve could’ve screwed that up with an over sight like that.

I’m expecting nothing but variants of currently existing voiced characters at this stage as that seems more plausible then getting multiple voice actors in different languages for a new character/legacy character we have not seen in game like Prescott or paddok

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Nothing that has new voices

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At this point, TC would be wise to save some characters for Gears 5. I know that tons of people here will complain in Gears 5 that we are getting the same skins again so.

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Oh people will complain anyway…

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And make lists.


BlAcK sTeEl OnYx GaUrD

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