What Characters and Maps the coalition should bring back

Hey guys so to make Gears 5 feel like a classic gears game again they should bring back the real classics.

What characters i want that would be cool to come back and maps


  1. Big Rig Dizzy
  2. Adam Fenix
  3. Cole train
  4. Dominic Santiago
  5. Richard Prescott
  6. Anya
  7. Bernadette Mataki
  8. Onyx Guard (Male) (Female)
  9. Tai kaliso
  10. Minh young kim


  1. Myrrah
  2. Hunter elite
  3. Skorge
  4. Kantus
  5. Flame grenator
  6. Savage kantus
  7. Theron elite
  8. Grenaditor elite
  9. Golden Hunter
    10.Theron Sentinel

7 oldschool maps to bring back

  1. Raven down
  2. Checkout
  3. Jacinto
  4. Tyro station
  5. Mansion
  6. Trenches.

Instead of making expressions and banners and blood splatter symbols spend time making different cool outfit for the characters.

General karn
All of the Therons
Armored kantus


Academy and depths are my top 2 for maps.