What Character Skins do you find always do bad in matches?

Every time I see an Ice Kait skin I feel like I know the outcome of the match, I dont think I’ve ever seen an Ice Kait skin be good (I really think I’m like a top 10 player out of Ice Kait skin users)

As for the Swarm side I don’t see very good Raams often

The Sarah Connors are either the best or the worst in the game. Like there’s no in-between.

Same applies to the Terminator Plebs.


Whatever skin I am wearing at the time. :joy:


For me it seems to be Kat, like 9/10 they’re just a liability for their team


In Horde, COG soldiers. They are mostly used by stupid A.I. people. :unamused:


It’s always Emile or Raam or Lahni that seems to be the worst.

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MP-Emile, Terminator

Outside of Arcade, definitely Scions or Speakers. It’s almost as if playing as a bigger character makes their movements more clumsy. As for COG, regular Vermelo Gears and Lahni. Sometimes Mac, but they’re mostly average.

I resent that!! Lol jk, but ya I have her.

I’m no Masters, but I hold my own.

As for my answer idk, I haven’t really noticed a pattern… I mean Ive seen my fair share of obvious noobs, usually on my team go figure, but can’t pinpoint a pattern lol

I dunno about worst but I can tell you that Kantus, Imagos, Terminators, Kats and Connors are usually tryhards.

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Here is my authoritative list of Gears 5 Sweat tiers:

Tier 1 (biblical flood): Rev-9; eSports, controller, or statue Kait; Kantus; Baird; Myrrah.

Tier 2 (drenched): T-800, all other Kaits, Kat, COG Gear, Sarah Connor, Lizzie, Swarm Hunter, Imago, Locust Drone, Grace.

Tier 3 (moist): JD, Marcus, Lahni, Clayton, Swarm sniper, Scion, Warden, Fahz.

Tier 4 (dry): Del, Keegan, Emile, Cole, Raam, Jermad.

Tier 5 (Old Spice): Jack, Deebee, Swarm Drone, Swarm Grenadier, Speaker, Theron Guard.


Default Kait skin because they’re probably just new to the game.

Coalition of ordered goverements:
Marcus / COG Gear, end in first place. (but mostly delivery driver Mac)
Lahni / Kait / Mac, second to fourth place.
Sarah / Keegan /

Locust drones: first place (mostly very good players)
T-800, get second or third place.
Queen myrrah, second to last place ( Or quit mid game, mostly vets/older players )
Swarm imago, last ( Who the ■■■■ chooses the swarm imago? )

Or a sub account.

Also possible. Most the smurfs I’ve gone up against use Del, Mac or Lahni though

I have issues against the terminator and queen myyriah

But it could be their ping. The queen had 135 plus and every time i would go against the B. Itch. My gun wouldnt fire ? Back A wouldnt work. Got stuck on the wall. Everysingle time.
The terminators just eat and you cant see them half the time. (I shouldnt have to adjust for a single skin. Because in
see the other ones with no problem

Whenever I need to get away my character suddenly becomes magnetized to the wall behind them. It always sucks because i can’t turn the corner and roll backwards by the time 2-3 enemies turn the corner with a Lancer firing squad.

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